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Tips for Online Shopping in the Caribbean |
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Tips for Online Shopping in the Caribbean

January 4, 2019

Hey Guys,

So I have a confession to make, I’ve always been afraid of online shopping. I know! Me, the ultimate internet junkie is afraid of something online?!?! Well it’s true I’ve never really caught on, I just almost always viewed it with skepticism. My friends, on the other hand, are online shopping maniacs, they are the ones who sit and bleach out the night to catch a Black Friday sale. Or they search for those price comparison websites like Price to make sure they can find a bargain. My friend was telling me there are always bargains online, that’s the best thing, and it’s so easy to just click to order! She is always placing orders on this malaysia online shopping site (I’m not sure what it’s called though!) She’s a true shopaholic but now that I’ve started shopping online, I can totally see why. It’s super addictive! If my friends are subscribed to an online shop, they like to make sure that they can set up a secure recurring payment, otherwise, they are out of there! Even my little sister surfs online regularly but me, I just wait until I fly out. How old-fashioned. However, as life continues to change I realized that if I didn’t adapt, my wardrobe was going to die so I started looking around. One major issue that I found was that most if not almost all the good websites required a credit card, I don’t have one. This was NOT going to work I thought and then the best thing happened, I found CaribShopper.

The first thing I realized was that you didn’t need a credit card and could top up the site kinda like paypal (they take paypal also). I loved this for two reasons, 1. I would need a credit card nor a US Address and 2. I wouldn’t spend more than what I had (more or less lol). So I signed up, I was still skeptic I was like ” watch these websites be some bootleg alibaba looking clothes* I was wrong! They have a whole heap of stores I want to say over 90, I’m not sure i’m still browsing Yankee Candle’s website (Candles are imperative don’t question me). I’m very happy with my experience so far and can’t wait for my deliveries to start rolling in (not that I bought a lot of stuff or anything). And because I like to give me readers the full 100 on anything I’ve recommended I did some research and found out the following:
-No US credit card needed
-No US address needed
-No estimated fees and landed price difference payments
-No need to do pick-ups and join lines , DHL express delivery
-No lengthy shipping delays
-Ability to shop from your cell phone or PC

I know I sound like an add but I’m super excited that they finally made online shopping easy for us island folks. Now, if you intend to jump on the website and sign up tell them I sent you : Chelldem

Here are a few tips when doing online shopping in general:

1. Make Use of Coupons and Online offers – I’ve found in my little time online that those promo codes and 10% off really make a world of a difference

2. Make an email for the subscription emails – I like catching all the offers but hate feeling spammed throughout the day so I made a email SOLELY for shopping (Judge yuhself I’m smart :p)

3. Thoroughly look at the item details – Size charts etc can be daunting at first but if you take your time and read through you’ll realize the difference it makes in ensuring your purchase is just right. Especially seeing as other countries have different sizing e.g. England

4. Read the Reviews– Reviews are the word of mouth of online shopping. If an item has more bad reviews saying the same thing then common sense would say run.

5. Browse the sale section first -This comes naturally to EVERY woman but I just thought I’d reiterate if there are any men reading these tips. So many goodies are in those sale sections. Believe that!

Hope I helped, you probably can tell I’m super stoked to be shopping and ting. Gonna get some Birthday presents out the way EARLY.

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