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Jamaica Yellow Pages Foodie Finds Tour |
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Jamaica Yellow Pages Foodie Finds Tour

January 4, 2019

Hey Guys,
As a blogger you oftentimes get a bit of writer’s block, the best thing to do is let it run its course. However, I was recently thrown a save when I saw Jamaica Yellow Pages launch ‘Foodie Finds’. I immediately started to investigate and found out that this was to be an island-wide excursion to discover authentic Jamaican Food. STOP THE PRESS! We’re travelling across the island to eat? How could I become a part of this?! Although I wasn’t a chef I found my way on the bus with a handful of young and very confident chefs hell bent on finding and judging the very best in Jamaican cuisine. Our finds will definitely be worth checking out for anyone visiting one of the villas in jamaica on vacation.

I waited for the voting to finish and eventually nine restaurants were selected by the public using social media. Finally, I would be able to sample the best oxtail, curry goat, roast pork and roast fish! People, please believe that I was more than ready to take on this task. So we loaded on the bus and headed out of town. The experience was beyond what I expected it to be. I must commend the Jamaica Yellow Pages for thinking outside the box and showcasing Jamaican eateries. What I loved the most about the Foodie Finds tour is that we stopped at some of the places that we often pass while travelling across the island but never really stop. As a lover of curry I was very surprised at how good the Curry Goat was at Holland Bamboo Restaurant, somewhere I’ve passed numerous times.

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When I mentioned it to Ayanna Kirton, Marketing Manager at Yellow pages she fully agreed and said “Foodie Finds is a great opportunity for food lovers to find about restaurants that are off the beaten path. The Jamaica Yellow Pages is always excited to share, things, places, events and of course businesses that excel at what they do especially while showcasing what’s uniquely Jamaican,”. I couldn’t agree with her more! Even more good news is that they taped the whole thing for a web series so you whether you’re in yard or abroad you’ll get to experience the excursion as well. I mean you won’t get to taste the food like I did *smirk* but you’ll get to discover all these lovely restaurants and try them out for yourself.

All in all the JYP Foodie Finds Tour was an awesome find, not just for my writer’s block but for my tummy as well. I do hope they do it again and need judges who are not chefs (I volunteer) Just throwing that out there.

Faith & Love,

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