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What Men Say They Want |
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What Men Say They Want

December 20, 2019

Season’s Greetings!

Don’t look but Christmas is around the corner and you haven’t bought the man in your life a gift. Yes, we know, we know you’ve been busy navigating life and before you knew it there were jingle bells, fruit cake and egg nog knocking on your door. Well, before you decide to throw yourself in front of Santa’s sleigh in despair, take a look at our list of gift ideas from the horses or should we say reindeer’s mouths. We asked the men on our timeline to sound off and tell us what are some gifts they’d like.

Please note, they really like sex BUT it’s not a proper substitute for a gift

( Do better girl, we are judging you)


Without Further Ado, here is list of some (NOT ALL) of the gifts that got the most mentions, It was a lot okay! Sheesh!

The Staples: These kept being repeated by a few men. Shoes, Cologne, Watch and the favourite vague entry, something techy.

A observation out team made was that quite a few wanted to be taken out to a restaurant and treated to a weekend at an AirBNB or Hotel. We wrote about some AirBnBs in Kingston, you can read it HERE . Buy some wine order in, light some candles and enjoy a staycation.

Spa Days and Man Self Care kits were also suggested. This was really eye opening. Men really out here craving the good life. Strawberry Hill Spa is known for their pampering. See their Spa menu HERE The Face Place Jamaica is really good. See their packages HERE . Totally Male is catered fully to the male spa experience. They also have gift cards and packages for special occasions. Click HERE to check them out.

The response was extensive. Some of our favourite picks and insights that we got from the feedback were that men are indeed really simple in their likes and wants. At the end of the day they just want to be shown appreciation. It is imperative that you observe what your man likes i.e. We can tell you to buy a football jersey but only YOU will/ should know his favourite team. Please note that the jersey has to be authentic (no knock offs will be tolerated).

Search his bedroom ( for a good reason this time) and the cologne that’s almost finished is most likely his favourite. One man stated that he loved when his wife bought the scent she most wanted to smell on him. This also applies to his style of clothes and even watches. Some men preferred the classic watch to the digital one even though they liked tech items.

Some of our fave underrated suggestions are:

  1. Gym membership: Pay for 3-6 months.
  2. Car accessories : (tires, rims, mats, steering wheel covers)
  3. Boxers : There seems to be a universal need for new underwear in our mentions.
  4. Carry on, duffel bag, gym bag
  5. Authentic leather goods
  6. Beard care set (Check Shea Moisture) also available at Earth Elements
  7. Diffusers: I’m a big fan of this as a gift. Men oftentimes suffer from sinus issues. Getting a diffuser with the right essential oils can work miracles. This one is our pick for diffuser make sure to grab a set of Therapeutic grade essential oils to go with it. If you can’t order online head over to Earth Elements in Kingston, they have a good variety.
  8. Gift Cards: If you’re overwhelmed with choosing a gift item, then feel free to get him a gift card for one of his favourite games, store, brand. You can shop those HERE and please! In the name of Father Christmas DO NOT get the man a $20 Gift card. It’s unacceptable.
  9. Stocks to get them investing – This popped up a few times and we have to support this. We just love a fiscally aware king!
  10. Photo Blown up and framed or Photo Collage: Select your favourite image and head over to and they’ll print it and gallery wrap it for you.

We couldn’t fit everything in this post but if you want to check out the thread for further inspiration or ideas. Then Click Here and follow the thread.

If it’s one thing that this exercise taught us, it’s that men just want to be treated nicely as well. A little reciprocity never hurt no one. Now we don’t have to tell you that this treatment is just for deserving men, we are fully anti fuckboy on this site. However, we think if you expect and receive good treatment from your King then it is only right that you let him know.

Happy Shopping and let us know how things worked out, this Christmas. Feel free to save this list for father’s day and birthdays as well.

Faith and Love,


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