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5 Girl Codes You Should Never Break |
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5 Girl Codes You Should Never Break

March 5, 2019

A Girl Tribe, your group of confidantes where you can discuss everything from the latest makeup looks, business deals, even sexual positions that you’re planning on trying with your partner, whatever it is, your tribe is run by a certain set of rules called Girl Codes and they usually keep the peace. Girl code is not usually discussed, you just know (it’s often based around common decency & love for your fellow lady). So, with recent stories in the press of friends sleeping with best friends sister’s baby daddies (cough cough Jordyn) we thought we’d remind our readers with what’s cool and what’s absolutely not:

  1. DO NOT leave your friends by themselves at ANY function: So many stories are surfacing where a drunk friend was put in a Uber or left at a party and turn up missing or worse. So we’re telling you about our rule , We come together, We leave together. No matter how cute that guy is, she can take his number and link him another day. If a friend is sick or too drunk to continue then it’s time for everyone to leave. Nothing is worth your friend’s safety.


2. DO NOT Hang Out With Your Friend’s Man Alone: Unless it’s your brother , you need to get your ass up out of that man’s presence! This will protect you from any possible misunderstandings down the road. Just look at the Jordyn Woods fiasco, this all happened because she was at Tristan’s home. What was she doing there WITHOUT her friend? That’s a no no in girl code.


3. Support Each Other : Strong women support and build up other strong women. That petty, catty , mean girls vibe is only cute in movies. Your tribe should support your vibe. Now don’t get it twisted, they should be able to tell you when you’re doing something wrong. No Pauline, it absolutely isn’t right that you want to cook your ex for dinner. Understandable? Yes. Right? No. But we’ll order all the sugar and spice pastry and watch lifetime with you until you feel ok.


4. Keep Secrets: We really shouldn’t have to explain this much further. Keep your mouth shut! This should really apply to anyone actually but more so your girl tribe because they confide everything to each other. So don’t be a chatty Kathy and let Steve’s mom know that Sara thinks her Gluten free cookies taste like heartbreak and armageddon.


5. Picture Etiquette: Hashtag Squad Goals!!! Wait! Before you press send it’s imperative that you ensure everyone is happy with how they look in the picture. Yes, we feel your pain, it’s 20 selfies later and your elbow is getting tight from all the extension but rules are rules. If, the tribunal cannot come to an agreement then aforementioned group selfie can be scrapped or the least horrendous looking one goes to instastory. Front page feed is for angle and contoured perfection lolol laugh it’s a joke


Add some of your Girl Code rules in the comments

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