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5 Ways You’re Killing Your Penis |
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Men's Health

5 Ways You’re Killing Your Penis

March 12, 2019

It’s no secret , men really really care about their penis. If you want to fill a man with dread, simply suggest that his manhood is in danger. For some they consider this to only be a factor if they are modifying their penis, such as with piercings, but these can be perfectly healthy provided they are maintained properly. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of everyday things men do that are more damaging, and it is a little surprising that they rarely pay attention to the little things they do on daily basis that put their prized organ in danger. Have no fear, we are here to highlight 5 ways you might be putting your dingalang in problems. I wouldn’t suggest using a testosterone booster for your penis’ health, sure it increases libido, but a testosterone boost should be used to combat muscle loss, fat gain and other physical as well as mental issues.


  1. Not enough sleep: Sleep when you’re dead huh? Well, your lack of sleep might be affecting things down under. Lack of sleep can affect many daily functions such as memory. But it also affects testosterone production. Research found that men who sleep less than 5 hours had lower testosterone production than those who slept for 8 hours or more. It’s time to have a strict sleeping routine, as well as keeping the below 4 points in check as well.


2. Sugar: Sugar is the devil! We know, we know it tastes so good tho! But it is actually very harmful to your overall health. Eating a diet of high sugar and fat can lead to obesity which makes you susceptible to type II diabetes which is a direct cause of erectile dysfunction. The best way is to ensure your diet is uplifting and you incorporate exercise to help your blood flow.


3. Soy: Soy products on a whole have for years been scrutinized as having adverse effect on testosterone production and an overall sperm killer. This is debatable, many publications say this is not so. However, a Harvard University study on Human Reproduction found that men who had soy in their diet had their sperm count lowered. However, it was also noted that this result was more noticeable in overweight or obese men. Our tip? Take everything in moderation.


4. Too Much Alcohol: Who doesn’t enjoy Happy hour?! We understand that in life there is a need for alcohol (trust us we really really get it) but unless you’re ok with your drink being the only thing that’s stiff, you better hold your horses. A glass of wine here and there is not bad but If you are having more than 4 glasses of alcohol a day, stop it, seek help. Chronic alcohol intake is directly related to erectile dysfunction and will eventually take it’s toll.


5. You’re not having enough sex: This is a blatant case of “use it or lose it”! If you’re not ejaculating often enough then your older sperm can will die off. Studies have shown that those who ejaculated regularly had a higher sperm count at the end of each week. Being abstinent for too long can cause your sperm to become lazy. Also, the less time sperm is in the testicles, the less likely it is to be damaged over time.

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