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What To Do In Portland, Jamaica |
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What To Do In Portland, Jamaica

January 4, 2019

Grab your bags it’s time to head to beautiful picturesque Portland. If you’re not feeling the sometimes congested North Coast then Portland is a the quiet and perfect get away.

Our trips to Portland usually stop at Winnifred Beach or the famous Frenchmen’s Cove but this trip calls us to go further up the coast. We are heading to Sea Cliff Hotel in Long Bay, Portland, about 2hrs & 45 mins from Kingston. Make sure you stopby the Aquarius square to get your fried chicken or peanut soup. Coming from Kingston the roads can seem winding and bumpy but as you reach the parish the roads smooth out significantly.  Jump back in the car and you are in beautiful Portland. Roll down the windows to enjoy the breeze and take in the old school architecture.

On your way to Long Bay you’ll pass the Portland Jerk Centre and it’s best to stock up on the food as restaurants are few on this part of the island, we found out the hard way.

Sea Cliff Hotel is as beautiful as the pictures. It’s exactly as it appears on the website the main feature is the balcony and the view and trust me it takes your breath away.

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The view from the balcony is the major selling point for Sea Cliff & we found out why
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Wake up early, head over to the hotel restaurant & enjoy your tea with an excellent view

After you’ve unpacked and taken in the view it’s time to head into the town and to the beaches. And don’t forget to bring your swimsuits with you. We opted to go rafting on both the Rio Grande & the Blue Lagoon. Food at Anna Banana is spectacular. Portland is not lacking in things to do. It is the nature lover’s paradise. From Reach Falls, Rafting, The Beach & Bath Fountains you wont lack for something to do just plan properly and prepare to have fun!

Check out some snippets from our trip below

IMG 20180324 141
Ask any local where to find Anna Banana and they’ll be glad to show you. The food is worth it!
IMG 20180417 145
Pack a basket DON’T forget the wine. Sit back, relax & enjoy smooth sailing down Rio Grande
IMG 20180417 160
We had to luck of getting freshly cooked seafood on the River banks. Ask your raft captain to call ahead.
IMG 20180417 181
Prepare for breathtaking sunsets. Ask your captain about the moonlight rafts for something more romantic.

The next day we went rafting on blue lagoon. It was equally as nice!

IMG 20180418 153
IMG 20180418 160

There are so many things to do in Portland this is just the tip of the iceberg from a very short weekend. We’ll be back soon and show you where else to go and see when you head this side of the island.

In the mean time, remember to Walk Good!

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