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Walk Good: Vol. 1 – Cane River Falls, Jamaica

January 4, 2019

It rained and rained and things were definitely not going as planned. When the sun finally came out it found a restless Walk Good team who simply wanted to go on an adventure and possibly capture some beauty! We headed to Cane River Falls, we had heard about it and seen it on social media and it seemed fairly near to our home based in Kingston, perfect for an impromptu trip.

We jumped in the car, activated google maps and were pleasantly surprised to find that Cane river was only 20 minutes outside of town. What we encountered was a place filled with history and absolutely beautiful.

Cane River is well known as where Bob Marley used to go to wash his locks and is even mentioned in his song Trench Town “Up a cane river to wash my dread”. Cane River Falls is actually Mammee River but is called Cane River as plantation owners used to use it to transport cane.

It also houses one of Three Finger Jack’s hideouts:  Jack Mansong fled the slave plantation and at first hid at a spot at the head of the Cane River, but later retreated to the Queensbury Ridge of the Blue Mountains, living in a cave that came to bear his name. He and his band of runaways would lie in wait on the highway in the vicinity of Eleven miles where they robbed and killed travelers on the Windward Road that linked Kingston with the eastern part of the island. Believed to be a giant in stature, standing close to seven feet tall, he became known as Three Finger Jack  Read More on him here  

All the history doesn’t distract from the beauty of the falls. See for yourself

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