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5 Ways to Clean House for the New Year |
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5 Ways to Clean House for the New Year

January 8, 2019

The other day I came across ‘Tidying Up’ a show by clean queen Marie Kondo on Netflix. I personally love when my space is clean but sometimes life gets busy and you can’t quite keep the place as sparkling as you’d like and although I consider myself clean and tidy. I have a friend that would swear blind that I’m a hoarder. What?! I hold on to ticket stubs from University parties, we all have our faults. Nonetheless, most of my house is spotless including the windows.

I always try to start the week off with clean apartment, I find that it’s easier to maintain that way. That’s a tidbit I learned from my own personal clean queen – MOM. I’ve always heard about FengShui but I honestly have limited knowledge about how it works. The little I do know, I agree with i.e. clutter in your mental space can be a result of clutter in your physical space and vice versa. I simply box up anything I do not need immediately and stash the box away somewhere safe so that I can find everything quickly and easily when the time comes. With that being said it got me thinking that just as how I usually start the week with a spanking clean apartment, I should apply that to the New Year. Let’s get the clutter out of our mental and physical space for the New Year.

So here are 5 ways I cleaned my apartment for the New Year and got my mind right * smiles in fabuloso*

  1. Keep It Simple: Oftentimes we over reach. We want everything to go right now and so we pull down the old suitcases and remove the bags from under the bed. Before you know it you’re stuck under a mountain of nostalgia and you either throw it all away (and regret it later) or push it all back and get nothing done. This can apply to the mental aspect of clearing the air. Sometimes we tackle more than one challenge or issue at a time, get overwhelmed and shut down. So as we venture on this cleaning mission whether mental or in your physical space just remember to keep it simple. One step at a time and it all doesn’t have to be done right away.
  2. Start with the closet: Closets accumulate dirt & dust almost the same as other exposed parts of your home. We tend to think it’s a little cleaner because it’s enclosed but that’s not the case. Wipe the floor and dust out shelves. Also, pack up the clothes you’re not wearing anymore (no fuchsia animal print is never coming back in style) . Remember to donate wearable items and throw out damaged article of clothing.
  3. Flip That Mattress: Growing up we literally only flipped the mattress seasonally (e.g. Christmas, Summer etc) or if the mattress started to visibly sink. However, according to you should flip your mattress every three months. This will help to prolong the life of the mattress and if you have a box spring rotate that every 6 months as constant weight can alter that as well.
  4. Take Down Your Christmas Decorations: LOL! I can just see some faces right now! Get in the frame of mind that the Christmas season is over and you’re heading into a new year. Also removing Christmas decorations gives you more space. It’s going to always be an unfinished task greeting you every time you come home.
  5. Clean Your Cleaning Supplies: Wash soap and disinfectant completely out of rags and hang somewhere they can dry completely. Wash out mops with hot water after each use and ensure it’s placed somewhere that it can dry as well, this will eliminate any musty smells. Brooms should be run across a firm surface to get rid of dust and any left over items.

A clean environment can help a mental block you’re having or just help you relax. Its a perfect representation of starting the New year with a clean slate Let’s start the new year so fresh & so clean! Let me know how it works out

Faith & Love ,


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