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5 Jamaican Self Care Products |
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5 Jamaican Self Care Products

February 14, 2019

Who doesn’t love pampering? Well, there’s one thing we love at and that’s self care! It’s like the magic word in this office and we recognize that it comes in different forms for everyone. So we put together a quick list of self care items we all love and the most fun part is that they’re all Jamaican. Special note that self care is for men & women, these products can be used by both. So without further adieu, here are 5 Jamaican (yeah mon) self care products we think you should try:

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NGOZI: The name means Sweet blessing and you’ll feel blessed when you use any of their environmentally friendly, handmade, all natural products. We are big fans of their soy wax candles which will have you inhaling way more than normal, and organic soaps (we swear by the activated charcoal) but feel free to luxuriate in the body butters and other offerings.

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Likkle Tea : Likkle Tea is Jamaican for Little Tea. There’s a popular saying on the island that, “There’s nothing a likkle tea can’t cure.” This is a fact! Jamaican’s believe in tea like how a 2 yr old believes in Santa Claus and it’s not without merit tea can be a soothing & healing part of any day. While we do have coffee drinkers here Likkle Tea’s wide range of flavours keep us coming back for more. Whether it’s the Matcha for more energy or the Lady Grey on a rainy day. This product gets us thru most deadlines. We’re also hooked on their new infused honey , the Scotch Bonnet one keeps things spicy (we want to put it on everything!)

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SoapSak : Yes we love soap over here! Especially divine smelling ones with great results for your skin. SoapSak makes handcrafted cosmetics with all natural ingredients, hypoallergenic and no fillers added. What we really love is that they are specially made with sensitive skin in mind to help health, soothe and restore. We recommend the Eucalyptus Shea Soap Bar it’s perfect after too much time in the sun and shea butter leaves your skin feeling like…. butter 🙂

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NatureMyTherapy : Looking good on the outside is great and all but we are major fans of keeping the inside healthy as well. Whether we’re feeling a little heavy from all the carbs scarfing while meeting deadlines or just want to maintain a healthy intake of juices Nature My Therapy is the choice. They prove that being healthy can be fun AND tasty (this part is very important). The best part? They deliver

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Morgan’s Creek : We first experienced Morgan’s Creek as a gift. The Butt Naked line will literally make you want to walk butt naked. We were pleased to find out that the products don’t stop there. Morgan’s Creek has day time & night time face rejuvenating mists, lip balms (so yummy), shower bombs, bath bombs, and our favourite Sheet Masks! There’s even a Aloe Vera Soothing gel for when your skin is irritated. We haven’t gone thru ALL the products as yet but challenge accepted.

Hope you enjoyed the list! Please hit these entrepreneurs up and support. They are Mamachel certified and a great gift for yourself or a special someone. Would you like to see other lists like this? let us know in the comments

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