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    Jamaicans Moving Towards Self-Care

    Last week, my company was involved in the Medical Association of Jamaica’s (MAJ) annual symposium, which allowed businesses in the field of health care to display their latest product offerings. I was pleased to see a few involved in health technology like myself. It tells me that the market is really changing as we are beginning to embrace technology more and more and understanding its importance to the health-care business. I was also impressed with the receptiveness of the audience which primarily consisted of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, medical technicians and even some outside of the medical field. As we went through the technology offerings with them, it struck me how much we have changed in…

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    3 Ways to Step Back and Show Yourself Some Love!

    The terms self-love and self-care have become quite the tagline over the past couple of years. We can all agree that they have become extremely important to leading full and complete lives. Many women, however, have trouble on where to begin their journey. If you feel as if that applies to you, start of by simply looking at the meaning of self-love. The term literally means regard for one’s own well-being and happiness, which is a great place to start! Focus on what makes you happy! If you are still having trouble, below are 3 great starting points to help kick-off a happier you! Splurge on Wardrobe Staples- When you…

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    5 Jamaican Self Care Products

    Who doesn’t love pampering? Well, there’s one thing we love at mamachel.com and that’s self care! It’s like the magic word in this office and we recognize that it comes in different forms for everyone. So we put together a quick list of self care items we all love and the most fun part is that they’re all Jamaican. Special note that self care is for men & women, these products can be used by both. So without further adieu, here are 5 Jamaican (yeah mon) self care products we think you should try: NGOZI: The name means Sweet blessing and you’ll feel blessed when you use any of their…

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    Creating Your Self Care Routine

    Burning sage, yoga, and face masks! Self care was definitely the buzzword for most of 2018. We heard quite a bit of self care this and self care that but what many failed to realize was the self care could take on many forms. Generally speaking, self care can be defined as things done or bought for oneself that leaves a feeling of satisfaction. So if you’re thinking, that can mean anything, then you’re almost correct. It’s the promotion of things that put you back in alignment. Now if you’re like me, self care can seem like a luxury of money & time that I simply do not have. When…


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