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My Raw Food Day Experience

July 9, 2019

So July 11th is International Raw Food Day. The concept of a raw food diet gave me pause; like how good can food taste if it hasn’t been seasoned and cooked down? I was curious and fully expected to be greeted by a bunch of fancy arrange salads, boy was I surprised. Bena Nakawuki of The Lotus Line organized a raw food potluck where students of her workshops could showcase all that they have learned. I wasn’t ready!!! I had RAW ACKEE which I’ve been taught can poison you so a thug was scared, sea vegetable salad, vegan raw sushi (peep the video below for directions) and my fave Raw vegan pineapple cheesecake. What’s special about the cheesecake is that I ate it all off but you can’t get me to touch regular cheesecake go figure. We watched a documentary on diabetics who switched to raw foods only for 30 days and how it changed their situation for the better. I am not saying i’m giving up my meat and barbecue but I’m glad I now know that this type of food can be tasty and fill your stomach.

Check me out making sushi and my overall raw food day experience

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