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Valentine’s Gifts Men want

February 4, 2021


As you might know there are certain days that women feel strongly about such as, birthdays, valentine’s day and Christmas. It’s always been a societal norm for women to be wined and dined, given flowers and jewelry much to the chagrin of broke men (just kidding). I am a firm believer in treating your partner right and that this goes both ways. As a result, I am always encouraging men to sound off on what they may want so for Valentine’s Day I asked because I know they want other things than a pair socks or a tie; I wasn’t wrong. If this list doesn’t move you, you can check out the Christmas List for Men and maybe take something from there.

Now, before I get into this list I must say that these gifts seemed a bit Christmasy and birthday ish more than Valentine’s but I am just the messenger. Maybe consider an experience you can do as a couple, or get something personalised that celebrates your time together, such as a first date star chart or a pair of custom t-shirts with all of your favourite memories printed on it. Without further ado, here are what men tell us they want for Valentine’s Day…

Other gift requests:

  • Moisturizer and a hoodie
  • Cologne thought knocked alot was still a major request by men. Just make sure it’s a really nice one
  • Dinner, a thoughtful conversation at Devon house, books, new technology such as sd cards or external hard drives, peace and quiet or just a well cooked meal. –@JCKNIGHT2
  • Men really want a massage!
  • 1. Nice gold or silver chain 2. Shoe(boat or a walabee) 3. A cool backpack – @NoAmmaPessimist
  • A Skillshare course…( I like this he wants to learn!)
  • Sony headset
  • Paintings!

It was alot of responses and some more detailed than others but Cologne, Massage and watch remains at the top of the list. If you want to see the complete responses just click on the embedded tweets and it should take you to the thread.

I hope this helped! Comment and let me know

Faith & Love,


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