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    Surviving Mother’s Day Without a Mother

    It’s that time of year again. When everyone is changing their blackberry display pics, facebook and twitter avatars to a picture of their mother. Work is sending out emails, everywhere is advertising Mother’s Day is this weekend. Sunday, tomorrow to be exact. It’s a beautiful day where you get to celebrate a mother’s love and how it has shaped you in your life. And although you show her love throughout the year, this one day you put ALL differences aside and tell her “ I appreciate and love you”. It’s a great day and one to be celebrated. Unfortunately, I like many others have lost my mother and so Mother’s…

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    Is Technophobia minimizing your Health Options?

    Many born into a generation of rapidly changing technology are able to seamlessly adapt to the almost per-second changes. But there are many among us who do not quite have it so easily. Technophobia – the fear of technology – is real and is oftentimes seen in people afraid of using new technology. With the pace of change, technology can, indeed, be very daunting. However, with the increased use of technology across sectors and many companies going digital, it is clear that technology is here to stay. People will need to be prepared to be a part of this technology revolution, especially with its incorporation into important sectors such as health.…

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    Top 6 Spy Series To Watch

    Hey Guys, I’m an avid lover of good tv, my friends will come to me and ask me what shows to watch. Based on their preferences I usually do a good job of suggesting the right series (if I do say so myself). The fact is, once it’s good i’ll watch it. So I thought, why not share some shows with my readers as well. First up is the spy/crime series. The following are my suggestions, I hope you like. If you do start watching feel free to tweet me about the good parts. I don’t mind reliving the drama! Pine Gap: This one takes place in a joint intelligence…

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    When Money Matters (and when it doesn’t)

    I am not ashamed to say that in my adult life I have lived in situations where I have had more than enough money to meet my needs and had situations where I am mentally adding up (down to the tax) all the items I am putting into the shopping cart.  I am also blessed with a loving support group who are there when I have it and, even more so, when I do not.  So, I am here to share two very important life lessons that I have picked up in my complicated, chaotic and circuitous life. As you may suspect –  having more money is a very nice…

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    Yeast Overgrowth: All You Need to Know

    Women (and men) can get yeast infections. If you’ve never experienced one then you should count your lucky stars, but those who often suffer can tell you it’s a pain and can severely hamper your day to day activity. Most healthy vaginas have yeast, however, sometimes it can increase more than normal and cause an infection. The medical name for the fungus that causes a yeast infection is called Candida (Candida Albicans) and the medical name for a yeast infection is “Candidiasis”. Symptoms of a yeast infections usually consist of burning and itching. The longer you take to treat a yeast infection, the worse the infection gets. About 75% of…

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    Jamaicans Moving Towards Self-Care

    Last week, my company was involved in the Medical Association of Jamaica’s (MAJ) annual symposium, which allowed businesses in the field of health care to display their latest product offerings. I was pleased to see a few involved in health technology like myself. It tells me that the market is really changing as we are beginning to embrace technology more and more and understanding its importance to the health-care business. I was also impressed with the receptiveness of the audience which primarily consisted of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, medical technicians and even some outside of the medical field. As we went through the technology offerings with them, it struck me how much we have changed in…

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    Should Women Propose?

    Should women propose to men? That was the question I asked my God mother’s dinner group and got an earful. I’ve been asking this question on IG Live and in person and the dynamics are always the same. The men are ok with it but the women say “over my dead body”/ Sorry about the background noise but they were pretty lively as well.

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    Yoga For Menstrual Pain Relief

    It’s coming around to that time of the month and you’ve already begun to feel the symptoms. The irritability, bloating, lack of concentration, inability to sleep properly and over all crankiness. There are way more symptoms that fall under PMS. What exactly is PMS, it’s physical and emotional symptoms that occur 1 or 2 weeks before a woman’s menstruation. It is often caused by fluctuations in hormones (like serotonin) before your period. Some women barely experience these symptoms but for those who do, we understand how frustrating it can become. So we met with Yogi Sezi who showed us some moves to help reduce some symptoms of PMS and also…

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    Summer Body Salads

    Ok so we blinked and it’s basically April before we know it it’ll be Christmas but before that we have the Summer. Ah Summer, the days of fun, sun, and the dreaded summer body. Although, we here at mamachel.com plan to give the summer whatever body is ready when summer gets here, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t trying to at least get in some semblance of shape. So, since the year seems to be moving at warped speed we are sharing some of our favourite salads. This way we know the quest for the ultimate summer body won’t be so boring and tasteless! Here we go: Happy…

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    Buju Banton’s Long Walk to Freedom Highlights

    March 16th 2019 about 40,000 people made their way to the Jamaica National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica to welcome home their beloved brother Buju Banton. Banton had been incarcerated for 10 years in America and today he would return to the stage to serenade and thrill this anxious audience. People travelled from far and wide, Air BnB’s and hotels were booked out, restaurants were full and Buju, rasta merchandise could not stay on shelves or in the hands of vendors. His fans were out in full force and as stated in our last post, you absolutely got the feeling something historic was about to happen. He did not disappoint, Buju…