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    Flavour In Your Ear – Week 2

    Motherland Muzik The Afrobeats genre has grown into a worldwide force and growing still. It’s seductive sound at times is hard to ignore and seems to force somewhat involuntary movement from the listener. The genre has enough musical dexterity to be used as background music for whatever you’re up to at the moment or even to open a session. In this instance we want you to get some party vibes started in your office chair…don’t pay any attention to the scowling you might probably receive from around the office. Who says you can’t still crush your goals and dance “inappropriately” at the same time? Well maybe your boss but who…

  • Women's Health

    Period Cramps? Change Your Diet!

    If you’ve ever felt like the Dothraki & White Walkers are having a flash dance across your uterus, then you know that menstrual cramps are No Joke. So what can you do? Are you doomed to an endless cycle of hot bags, Baralgin, Midol or both? Well, maybe not. I recently changed my diet and incorporated some natural goodies and not only did I see a change in my menstrual cramps but my general overall mood. Halt! Before we jump into these 4 little changes, let me be the first to tell you that it wont be easy. The cravings will be real and if you’re addicted to the fast…

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    Flavour In Your Ear

    Good music can bring Good vibes! We know the year might not have started off all fine and dandy for everyone. So we had our in house music curator put together a playlist that’s sure to motivate you, bring you good vibes and keep you moving towards your goals this week. We absolutely recommend that you play it as loud as you need to in order to block out negativity. *warning: May come with skanking Have any suggestions for our next playlist? Feel free to contact @dremaican on twitter

  • Health

    Creating Your Self Care Routine

    Burning sage, yoga, and face masks! Self care was definitely the buzzword for most of 2018. We heard quite a bit of self care this and self care that but what many failed to realize was the self care could take on many forms. Generally speaking, self care can be defined as things done or bought for oneself that leaves a feeling of satisfaction. So if you’re thinking, that can mean anything, then you’re almost correct. It’s the promotion of things that put you back in alignment. Now if you’re like me, self care can seem like a luxury of money & time that I simply do not have. When…

  • Tech

    Protect Your Data! Encrypt It!

    A common misconception that many people have about securing data and privacy of data communications is “as long as the connection between the sender and recipient of information is secure then the data itself is also secure”. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. This was borne out in my last two articles in which I alluded to the fact that on today’s modern networks, public or private, all data can be hijacked and inspected en route without the sender’s or recipient’s knowledge. Shockingly, I heard State Minister of Technology Julian Robinson at a recent event he was addressing say quite nonchalantly that all data & communications are already…

  • Lifestyle

    5 Ways to Clean House for the New Year

    With that being said it got me thinking that just as how I usually start the week with a spanking clean apartment, I should apply that to the New Year. Let's get the clutter out of our mental and physical space for the New Year.

  • Travel

    What To Do In Portland, Jamaica

    Grab your bags it’s time to head to beautiful picturesque Portland. If you’re not feeling the sometimes congested North Coast then Portland is a the quiet and perfect get away. Our trips to Portland usually stop at Winnifred Beach or the famous Frenchmen’s Cove but this trip calls us to go further up the coast. We are heading to Sea Cliff Hotel in Long Bay, Portland, about 2hrs & 45 mins from Kingston. Make sure you stopby the Aquarius square to get your fried chicken or peanut soup. Coming from Kingston the roads can seem winding and bumpy but as you reach the parish the roads smooth out significantly.  Jump back in…

  • Finance

    How to Get Your NHT Refund

    Its that time again and so our Financial Contributor Randy Rowe shared his very timely post on how to collect your refund. National Housing Trust  (NHT) refunds for the year 2010 are now available for application. What the hell does this mean? It means if you were paying NHT fees as a part of your paycheque (or contributing on your own) in the year 2010 or earlier, you can now apply to the NHT for a  refund of these fees. That’s right, extra money, what a way to start the new year! So, How Do I Apply? Refund applications are best done via this link. Fill out the information there and…

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    Natural Flu Remdy

    Tell that cold or flu to chuck awfff! Before all these crazy pharmaceuticals, there was some good ol’ bush or root to make into a tea to drink. Your granny would use these old remedies which would lessen the severity of what ails you or make it all better. Just like that!  While I believe pharmaceuticals have their place, herbs come first and foremost when dealing with any sickness in my household and with ‘cold and flu season’ on us, there are so many natural remedies we can use to support our immune system and get these viruses to chuck right awfff! 1. My most favorite, tried and true, is…