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For those who don’t know my 9-5 requires that I work on the road from 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. then I’m in office. I’m not going to try to fool anyone, most mornings I don’t want to wake and as much as I want to get up early and make breakfast, the truth is that hardly ever happens. And as much as I envy those responsible adults who take their tupaware to work with last night’s leftovers, the truth is “I haven’t cooked dinner that could leave left overs in a longtime.” Warmed up spaghetti just not boasy at all. So that being said, most of my meals are on the road. It’s a fine tuned skill to know which establishments to eat at, what time and most importantly WHAT TO EAT & AT WHAT COST. So this week I decided to document where I ate, from who and what I thought. Here we go:

Burger King – Garden Salad 9:00.a.m.
I find that Burger King’s salad are Fresher and way more affordable than Wendy’s salads. I find it quite odd that Wendy’s directly promotes their salad as fresh yet still I’ve been sold brown lettuce on more than one occasion. Yes I know its weird to have salad for breakfast.

Island Grill – 1:00 p.m.

Satisfaction combo with Pumpkin rice. I find their combos to be worth the money and very filling. Another combo that I cosign is the Veggie Stew Peas yabba<- I am not a vegetarian and I murder that on the regular.

The Point of No Return -> Rory’s Texaco 9:30 a.m.
I'm running extremely late I haven't seen my first client and its way past 8:30 a.m. I stop at Rory's and grab a Lucozade and a St. Mary’s Banana Chips .

Cannonball 1:00 p.m.
I’m feeling fancy AND I have a meeting (lol) so I have lunch at Cannonball. First off let me stress how much this is NOT within the travelling sales person's budget. Nevertheless, the food,the free wifi and a/c make up for the price… sorta
I have a marlin sandwich | mini salad and water

Jamaica Pegasus 5:00 p.m.

Where do I start. In terms of tummy happiness having dinner at Jamaica Pegasus ensured that Tuesday was a win. Before you read on, yes I know I ate a lot of food lol

Small red peas soup – Awesome
Grilled lamb|steamed vegetables|rice and peas| Mint sauce
Dessert – Fruit Tart with a scoop of baileys ice cream ( I brought home for the little sister and she squealed)

I feel the pastry chef tie mi but I am not complaining. Pay day I will be in the Deli Cafe getting one as a nice end of month treat.


Juici Beef 9:00 a.m.

Okay, let me start off by telling you I am not a morning person. For this reason I stick to the evil I know…However—> Juici Beef has a drive thru something that ANY person working on the road loves with a passion. It’s also affordable. Okay. I’ve said all good things. Now let me express myself
Dear Juici Beef… where|when|and how in God’s name did you get a coco bread that Marcus Garvey bake? If that coco bread was old one more time, they’d be looking for it on National Treasure. Not to mention I ordered a chicken patty and got a cheese chicken patty.God bless the likkle butter that was in the coco bread because it did DRY and if I choked I could use the Patty beat my chest and perform the Heimlich because it did TOUGH. This gave new meaning to being stuck between a rock and hard place. The best thing about this breakfast was the orange juice. On more than one occasion I have reached there at 9:00 a.m. and breakfast DONE… How dat work?
To be fair when I do get their breakfast it is usually one of the best. Patty in the morning is CLEARLY not their strong suit though.

Snackables 1:00 p.m.
Listen to me. The curry goat at this place is insane. Anytime you are willing to link a nice little by the way shop link Snackables at Shop# 26 Princeville Mall. I can’t swear for anything else that they cook BUT I drove from Marcus Garvey Drive to Constant Spring to get me some Curry Goat|White Rice|Vegetable| Slice of Avocado and a cream soda of course.

Rory’s Texaco: 9:45
Spice Bun| Supligen
All I will say is THIS combination is NOT for the lactose intolerant.

Chilitos Jamexcian Restaurant 1:00 p.m.

I have the combo Dos which is part of the Tacos lunch special. For a little extra you can turn it into a combo and get nachos with your choice of cheese or salsa dip. I suggest you bring a friend along and split this combo. All in all it was yummy.
Another thing, Chilitos participates on Foursquare so on your fifth check in you get a free Margarita .


I try to be cute this morning and purchase some fruits from the local fruits man
1. Banana 1. Naiseberry 1. June Plum

Needless to say by lunch time I was RAW !!!! SO I went to my safe spot Island Grill.

Island Grill 1:00 p.m.
I don’t mess around beef too much however, the Jerk Burger here is scrumptious. Sop I had Jerk Burger| White Bread|Fries| Cranwata and a side of itis.

Some of the restaurants are on twitter follow them to get specials and updates on Yumminess 🙂

The Jamaica Pegasus – @jamaicapegasus
Chilitos Restaurant – @chilitosmexican

Oh yeah and Follow me —> @mamachell

Faith and Love,


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  1. Si mi here cracking up on the people dem Metro. Fully curl up in a corner heaving with laughter. Sadly this did not prevent smaddy from sitting beside me…Shame on Juic Beef – you ARE a patty shop!!! Totally agree about Island Grill’s affordability & full-belly capability.

    Love this post & looking forward to more, especially outside of Kingston.

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  2. Nice choices! Good post, very useful for the on the road soldiers.

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  3. No!!!! Chelan! Da juci beef part deh! Dwbcl!!!! A bare laugh you have me a laugh! I like this though! Its encouraging me to go to Chilitos! I want a margarita too 😀

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  4. Practical experiences are the best. Intend to check out Snackables when I can’t get to my favourite curry goat spot – Pete’s Molynes Road.
    Thank you @mamachel.

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  5. And how do you maintain that figure, please share.

    Everyone is talking about this Chilitos Restaurant I want to check it out soon.

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    • LOL … next month’s madventure will show you how I maintain this figure .. shhhh and when u decide to go Chilitos let me know so I can join you. 😀

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  6. I’ve been in a sour mood all day, and I finally checked out your blogpost and it made me laugh and quite loudly at that. Its almost 3AM and I am wishing I were in JA to be able to wake up and go to Island Grill for a jerk burger.
    Thanks for this post Chel, its rather witty and quite informative. I say all the businesses you mentioned give you free lunch. *grin* LOL
    One love.

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    • I’m glad I could have changed your mood mama! That is very humbling

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  7. Nah man, Jerk Burger hasn’t been tasty in 5 years… Their other food is quite filling though.

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  8. Chels, you crack me up….true dat bout Juici
    You know I love my salad…..true dat bout Wendy’s and dem brown lettuce

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  9. Chelz, you’ve done it again. Another quality post. I am missing some Island Grill right about now. *sigh*

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  10. This is too funny for words! coco bread that Marcus Garvey baked! LOLOLOL! and beating yr chest w the chicken patty coz it was so touch DWL

    now i know where to come when i’m down and need some cheering up!

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  11. You have me in my office cracking up. Shame on Jucci Beef and mi did love them patty. I could eat some Island Grill rightr now. Lawd, mi miss yaad. Chelan, mi did know from long time seh you love ya belly.

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  12. Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!

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  13. fatty in crossroads, pushpa, and cafe blue mi ting de!

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  14. my god I haven’t even finished reading your last post, lol.

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