Tuesday, in #5tweetsorless

because i’m lame. because i’m in need of a little quiet. and because i’m simply just tired, here’s the day in #5tweetsorless 

– woke up with a lightness in my heart & a quickness to my step. taking what doesn’t work out of ur life will do this to a person, apparently.

– went to #Kiehls for replacement moisturizer. forgot my new moisturizer at the office. i haz a sad. and apparently shit for brains.

– me: dude, the lady handed me an anti-aging moisturizer!
she: you’re a year shy of 30. or have you forgotten?
me: oh.
she: get eye cream too.

– FINALLY got to meet @Mechant_Mangeur albeit itwas for coffee and a quick walk but still! yay new friends!

– staged a mini concert in my car on my way home from the office. why? because i can. also, because it makes me, and some strangers smile 🙂

– and that’s it. hug your kids a little tighter, read em a story, let them know you love them & that there’s still beauty in the world. #goodnightmoon

Author: froflake123

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