Walk Good Travel Vlog: Portland, Jamaica

Off the beaten path and away from the all inclusive hotels, Portland Jamaica shines. With beautiful, pristine waters and a small town charm you quickly understand why Old Hollywood stars would prefer to vacation here. With James Bond currently filming here we decided to head down to Portland (I promise I wasn’t stalking Daniel Craig) and stopped at a few places along the way. The beautiful Frenchmen’s Cove and a stop at a fruit stall for some holistic information and a serenade are just a few things that Portland has to offer. We could come back every weekend and find something new, such is the charm of Portland, Jamaica.

It’s always a pleasure when we head out and Walk Good. Check it out below

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  • Jacars

    Your blog is a real inspiration. Great photos and videos. I am sure such bloggers attract lots of tourists and Jamaica lovers. Keep on creating such awesome posts.

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