Thoughts In My Head: Man Down, Weiner and Best P*ssy Ever? (Video Post)


It’s another Vblog. I’m all over the place in these things and just wanted to say thank you for watching. I truly appreciated it. This week i’m speaking on Weiner (the politician who got caught sending penis pics via DM) , Men who do not take care of their children, Rihanna’s video ( although I promised myself I wouldn’t speak on it) and a whole other set of stuff. Click play and don’t forget to answer the question I ask at the end or leave a comment. I love it all.

Faith & Love,


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  1. you are right about lisa bonnet, but i had NO problem w the ri ri video…………big her up!!!

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  2. TRUE Words my friend, you definitely Stimulated… Poked and Relaxed my mind this evening…..

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  3. I got fitted at Vicky S this weekend too and in London a few years ago…DEFINITELY been wearing the wrong bra, which was actually giving me back pains and affecting my posture. Nothing worse than the wrong bra under clothes man…4 breasts on the front doesn’t look good, and neither does a matching set on a woman’s back!!

    Fun vlog.

    O and you were singing “Telephone Love” by JC Lodge…I’ll leave the men to answer dat deh question.

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  4. WAIT FIVE MONTHS..and den is a Grace tin sausage Weiner him have..LMAOO!!!!!!!!! No thanks! After 5 months, I’m flirting with other people already -______- !!

    And yes, ‘Authentic’ to Reggae..Where was the Bob Marley Museum in the background? Could she brandish that gun (even if plastic) in Times Square? Smdh..but it can’t be her fault..She’s not known as a thinker…it’s indeed our LACK of regulation.

    Drogo can GET IT…and dead beat dads/moms…..#nowords

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  5. Gimme yo numba, and I’ll call! And I’ll follow them 32DDs in da mall. Funny vlog. u have a way wit the cam. Keep at it and hopefully u can make it on a bigger platform.

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  6. put couple badwords togetther lol.

    Reseverations against calling a female? hmmm….firstly I never have any credit. And secondly you never know what a female is on or who dem on when you calling them. Unless you have the schedule or you staking them from across the park. In a man’s mind the perfect call is nearly impossible to pull off if you don’t know if a girl is in a position to talk. Some people don’t give a dam though.

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  7. bwoy Chel…is long time me a wear glasses/ contacts u nuh…cant believe you dash out the secret jus so lol…good stuff as usual…just gotta add…5 MONTHS…that’s just wack!!

    *side note* Big Up Passion Fruits…:)

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  8. Mamachel
    First lemme tell you thanks for making me laugh before going to bed, on the matter of dead beat dads that one hits home. How can you possibly not take care of your child and eat, party, plan wedding and all these things and dont know if your child even has a meal. Dem is some big pussyhole but my father used to tell me a ting “the stone that the builder refuse always turn head cornerstone” and as for the women dat dem deh wid “fi dem time will come” and them a go try make friends with the first baby mother and say sorry. But dem pussy deh must suffer!!!! MUST

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  9. Why don’t men call anymore??? In an age where communication is easier than it has ever been. My theory personally is that bbm’ing / texting what ever, is like the use of a mask back in Shakepearean times. You like the girl, want to get to know her etc. men however like to pretend that their ego’s are not as fragile as they actually are. Hence the hiding behind the “text” of a bbm or an sms. No need to practice the right amount of barritione or nonchalance in the voice before you call, no need to have pre-planned topics of conversation, no need to hide the fact that you laugh like a girl when all you need to do is type “lol” and most importantly the ego has been spared the bruise of her exasperated sigh when she realises it’s you on the other end of the line.

    I figure that must be it… O_O

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    • well said Nyree! I will have to quote some of this in the next video response 🙂

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    • Yes! WELL SAID! iSwear this texting empower these men more than in person. I said it recently that one guy I know, can’t even look up from his shoes in my presence but have the wittiest chat on BBM..hsst

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    • i har agree Nyree… but still mi a big man an mi love a good conversation… i will dial di numba.

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  10. so u want me to buy u lingerie cuz dats da only topic i felt dat applied to me

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  11. 5 months! DWL…..I would be thinking that dis woman must be getting over something (NO Thank you)!!!

    Jumping to your last point about the dead beat fathers… Well said… and I’ll leave it at that!


    Recommended by one of your friends to check your stuff out, and I must say I’m enjoying
    Ur content…

    Great work!

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