the pieces i remember of Tuesday in #5tweetsorless

the day, or the pieces i remember of it, in #5tweetsorless. and no, I’m not drunk. honest.

– paid $67 for 15 gallons of gas. at 8 am. that’s way too much shock so early in the morning. $67? #smh

– one red bull and two cups of coffee, before 10:30 am, later, I’m pretty sure I took over the world by 10:45…at least I killed it on email.

– he: I need your help.
me: based on those papers in your hand it’s either fax or printer related.
he: yeah, well…
me: come on. hopeless.

– my grandmother told me that she said a prayer for me tonight that I meet a nice man and settle down. umm, thanks, I guess? #catlady

– she: bwahahaha.
me: not helping
she: bwahahaha.
me: hanging up…
she: she actually prayed for u?
me: yes.
she: bwahahaha
me: yuh done yet?

and thats it. have fun, get wild, drink whisky and drive fast on empty streets with nuttin in mind except fallin in love and not getting arrested. – Hunter S. Thompson #goodnightmoon

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    • meh. don’t need prayer…just more whisky 😉

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