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I know the furor involving local sweetheart Tessanne and her husband has died down and this blog post might seem late but it was deliberate. I often receive emails with information to post on my blog. More often than not I decide NOT to post what I read because 1. I cannot fully figure out the motive behind wanting me to share that kind of information. 2. It’s just not that kind of site 3. I always put myself in the position of the person (things on the internet do not go away) I take that responsibility seriously. Sooo moving forward when I received the email I had to ensure it was true and cool to post. Simply put I respect Tessanne and Michael. I’ve worked with Cuffe over the years and he has even guest blogged a couple times on this site. It’s a tightrope I have been asked to walk but here you go…

As a friend and colleague of Michael Cuffe I felt it necessary to dispel a speculation that has been circulating surrounding his relationship with Tessanne, and possible infidelity.

As a member of the team, our broadcasters are required to cover a number of events around the island, and Michael, who has through the years been notorious for his love for carnival, was a member of the team who was selected to give regular radio reports from the event held on.

The other two members include Station Senior Producer Fiona Fennel, who also produces the Fame 95 radio show Uncensored (seen in the picture posing with Michael), co-host of Uncensored and entertainment reporter Krystal Tomlinson, as well as Entertainment reporter and host of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall Yannique Barette(The Curvaceous Diva). (visit

The four have always enjoyed a professional and playful relationship in the fun-loving spirit of the station, demonstrated again in the station’s 2015 Calendar where Cuffe can also be seen in a choreographed scene to Repunzel with Fiona Fennel.

Michael has enjoyed close to 10 years of a working relationship with all his team members, and from the time we have spent together, continues to maintain his professional boundaries whilst exuding exuberance.

I am unable to give a comment on the status of his relationship with Tessanne, but love and respect both individuals.





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