The Importance of Living Your Life!

Hey Guys,

So often we (myself included) get caught up in the trivial matters of life. Things like, what will they think? Is this appropriate? what ifs and so forth.

I call them trivial because at the end of the day when you die, it simply doesn’t matter. If you sit and think of the last 10 things you hesitated to do because you were afraid of the result can you honestly say your fears were justified or did you just  think up the worst case scenario?

So many people who lived or lost their life for the crowd pass on and guess what? Life goes on, that same crowd moves to another interest. They move on to something else. Parties do not stop, businesses stay going and tears dry. This isn’t to be morbid nor is it a pass to be irresponsible but it’s just an important reminder that if you are holding back on living your life, let go. Somewhere along the way we as a society in the quest for control started believing that life had to be planned out to the very last moment, yet still the best moments are unplanned.

Recently, fashion blogger and real life super hero Kyrzayda Rodriquez who has been battling cancer, took to her Instagram live to speak with her fans and to also to tell us that whatever you want to do ” Go, do it, don’t wait for another day or another hour, or another time, go and do it NOW”. She died the next day, she was 40 years old. So I implore you, whatever it is that you have been thinking about, whatever dreams you have, make the first step today. Go, just do it.

Faith & Love,

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Author: Mamachel

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