Tessanne Wins The Voice & Releases New Single

Oh Man!,

I am just now recovering from the celebration that I put down for Tessanne Chin. Last night she was crowned Season 5 winner of The Voice. The Voice is an American Reality show quite like Xfactor where the coaches choose the contestants and the public voted for her. I will say in the beginning I was scared for her because voting was restricted to only The United States. However, when Jamaican people love you, you cannot fail. I will also give a shout out to The Diaspora who put their differences and ill feelings towards Jamaicans aside to vote and help our girl win *blink* . In true “we dont waste time” fashion Tessanne has already released a new single called Tumbling Down. It was written by One Republic Front Man and I like it. I feel they are putting her on a Kelly Clarkson path. Check it out below and purchase it from iTunes. We can’t have them saying her win was a fluke now. We have to RIDE OR DIE with Tess. In the words of the Late but Great Louise Bennett ” What a joyful news miss matty mi feel like mi heart gwen BURST” .. Let me know what you think of the song. and go buy it!

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  1. Well I purchased Tumbling Down, and was happy to find out that I liked it after I listened to it!


    She sounded good doing it on Jay Leno too…

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