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    Yeast Overgrowth: All You Need to Know

    Women (and men) can get yeast infections. If you’ve never experienced one then you should count your lucky stars, but those who often suffer can tell you it’s a pain and can severely hamper your day to day activity. Most healthy vaginas have yeast, however, sometimes it can increase more than normal and cause an infection. The medical name for the fungus that causes a yeast infection is called Candida (Candida Albicans) and the medical name for a yeast infection is “Candidiasis”. Symptoms of a yeast infections usually consist of burning and itching. The longer you take to treat a yeast infection, the worse the infection gets. About 75% of…

  • Men's Health

    Can Okra Increase Infertility?

    If you’re from the Caribbean or any country in Africa then you have to have heard about the magical potency of the OKRA. For as long as I can remember, Okra has been at the forefront of all fertility talk from men. Whether it’s from your local herb man, homeopathic doctor or just local folklore I grew up with the belief that Okra was the base needed to drive male fertility. So imagine my surprise when I found out in 2019 that it actually does the opposite! Yes, based on an article published in the Asian Journal of Research in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences there is scientific evidence that Okra…


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