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    Quarantine & Chill Show List

    Howdy Everyone, With COVID19 being declared a pandemic it’s safe to say the whole world is feeling a certain amount of unease. We’ve been told several ways to minimize the spread, some of which are avoiding crowds, washing our hands and staying home. Sounds simple enough, until you reach the cabin fever part. No worries, I am here to the rescue with a list of shows that you may want to take in while you Quarantine and Chill. If you’re a lover of scary/creepy movies then you can check out my previous post HERE (Be sure to read the comments for additional suggestions) For all my grown up Nancy Drews…

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    Top 6 Spy Series To Watch

    Hey Guys, I’m an avid lover of good tv. In fact, my friends will often come to me and ask me what shows to watch. Based on their preferences I usually do a good job of suggesting the right shows (if I do say so myself). Also, I love nothing more than finding ways to watch television for free. If you would like to learn about some of the innovative ways that you can watch some of your favorite tv shows and movies for free, you can click here. The fact is, once I know that a show is good I will watch it. So I thought, why not share…


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