Snoop Lion… Stop It!


For a minute I really thought this Snoop Lion situation was going to just fizzle all on it’s own. I mean no one was really taking him serious, at least I wasn’t. Alas, it’s seem Snoop really did fool some people and now the Rastafari movement is moving against him. Here are my two cents:

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  1. I think Bunny Wailer more upset that Snoop nuh sen on the van & funds him promise dem… but odda than that a fool dem fool if dem tink ‘mr french tip nails’ was goin’ really turn rasta ….

    “oh Bunny dont mind these cameras and camera crew in the background, oh my luggage, ye nigga its leather and Louis V … what?!’

    Smh, some a dem rasta ya too frighten, a yankee will always be a yankee (3 card man)… my 2 cents … lol!

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