Red Flag Repeat Until Yuh Seet!!!

The universe will keep giving you lessons until you learn them.” – Christine Schroeder

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, in fact I can’t remember ever actively making any. However, I do pinpoint a few things that haven’t gone my way the previous year and formulate a plan as to how I can fix or improve on certain things.

As I looked over the happenings of 2017 I realized that a lot of what was happening was repeated lessons from 2016. Some lessons I had learned and nipped it in the bud from early and others….. well let’s just say mi head hard as hell! So this year I decided to be extremely honest with myself, this is often harder than you think. To admit that this is where you went wrong and this is what you could have done right, is to accept blame. Show me a human that willingly accepts blame? *inserts Jeopardy theme music* Enough said. I breezed through most topics in my journal:

  • Work: Procrastination
  • Friends: Patience
  • Family: Accessibility
  • Relationships: ……………….
  • Relationships: …………………
  • Relationniggasaintshit

Now before my male readers turn away, please note that I accept full blame. Yes, there are men out there who aren’t shit but I also chose to ignore the signs that these were the same wolf different coverings. You see when it comes to my dating life the universe was playing a repeat game of jeopardy and I just wasn’t realizing aka being willfully obtuse.

” What is Fuckboy for $500 alex”?

When I looked at the pattern It became clear that in every single situation I had to opportunity to walk away from early but chose not to.  The red flags were there but I didn’t care. Some will swear up and down that they didn’t see the signs but deep down they had that niggling feeling or caught something that didn’t make sense and brushed it off. Until you (man or woman) face up, then you’ll continue in a destructive cycle. The red flags will repeat until you seet!!! 


Faith & Love,


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