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I recently had the privilege to do a photo session with awesome photographer Joel Finnigen. We’ve been trying to link up for awhile now, but between his jet setting photoshoots and my being out of town we always seem to miss the mark. However, we were able to tie down one very hot and sunny afternoon and with the help of Makeup Artiste Denelle produced these striking photos below. I had a lot of fun, he’s super patient with me trying to find the right “pose” and turned the images around real quick. Being the constant blogger I decided to ask Mr. Hot shot Finnigen a couple of questions catch the images and answers below 

1. How long have you been a photographer?

I have always loved photography, but I didn’t start pursuing it on a more serious level until about 2008 when I bought my first DSLR camera. I started to pursue it professionally in about 2010.

2. What drew you to the profession?

Well it was the love I had for capturing the world around me and the ability of photography to tell a story, preserve, memories and to stir the emotions  of the onlooker.

3. What inspires you to shoot?

My inspiration comes from many sources; an idea that comes to me in the middle of the night, the creative work of other well known photographers and artists and just that deep desire to produce something creative drive my passion for photography.

4. What goes into preparing when you’ve decided to shoot?

Preparing for a shoot starts long before the shoot day and has several steps. First of all you have to have that idea of what you want to capture. The next step is to do your research in order to bring your idea to life and across to the team, sometimes sketching in order to create a mood board if needed. Putting a team together for the shoot, which can comprise of just a subject/model and makeup artist to a full on team of models, makeup artist, stylist, assistants, etc. In the case of editorial shoots finding the best fit model for the concept is an important step. One more very important step is getting all the gears prepared and batteries charged for the big day.

5. What is your fave subject to capture?

My favorite subject to capture is people. People change physically and emotionally as they progress in life and photography allows my to capture them at that instant in time, make them look their best and preserve that for many years to come.

6. Who is your dream client? (company/person)

There are so many persons/companies I would love to work with, so it’s hard to single out a particular dream client. However, I would love to see my photos on the cover of a major magazine  and on a billboard ad campaign in the middle of Times Square.

7. What was the worst experience you’ve ever had on a job?

I can’t recall an experience that I can consider my worst experience. I have had less than ideal circumstances but these are all stepping stones to making me a better photographer.

8. What is the best experience you’ve had on a job?

The best is yet to come, but for now I cherish those bright smiles, tears of joy, excitement and heartfelt thank you from my clients when they get the finished product.


Behind the scenes on his Wet swim shoot 

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