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Hey Guys,

The other day In a conversation a friend of mine said he was listening to the offspring of a well known and loved Jamaican musician that I definitely know. I was like “OK, Bob Marley has another son, let me hear what he has to say”. Boy was I wrong,I was greeted with a completely different genre and sound than I expected, like FAR LEFT but very pleasant. Turns out it wasn’t Bob Marley’s offspring after all and had I originally known who it was I would’ve expected a Dancehall, DJ, knock off of his father (I’d still be wrong). Of course, being the google queen I am I soon found out he had a good amount of songs that are really well produced and written, also Fader Magazine discovered him already (pout face).He seems to be going down a completely unique path and I must say it’s working for him.
I always share the good stuff when I find it so listen to Major MyJah songs Trouble and Heartless below. Let me know what you think and Major if you see this you have a MAJOR fan here, I shared with everyone in the office *thumbs up all around*



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