My Thoughts: Kartel Verdict

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Dancehall super star Vybz Kartel has been found guilty of murder and is to be sentenced on March 27,2014. Here are my thoughts on the trial and the outcome :

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  1. Why are you so arrogant? people are just viewing things from a different angle that’s different from you and look how you are behaving. Furthermore, when you are that obviously bias to onside, people will come at you. Humble yourself lady!

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    • I am not arrogant in THE least. What I am in unwilling to have a back and forth with someone who clearly has not watched my video. Based on certain comments It came to MY attention that surely someone could not have watched my video and come away with the notion that I said I had a criminal law degree. THis make no difference though does it? Clearly I have rubbed you the wrong way years ago and you haven’t let it go. It’s all good tho thanks for the view and the comment 🙂

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      • How did you rub me the ‘wrong way years ago’ ?

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  2. Anyway, I’m just waiting for the police to leak those freaky vids kartel has on his phones…I heard those were things they were looking at hence the unauthorized access claim…many of your uptown ‘friends’ are on them

    btw, What are your friend Shelly Brown’s views on this case?

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  3. You said on twitter before the verdict that you predicted : GUILTY and FREE on appeal .
    I still think there is a very strong chance that prediction will be true.

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