My Life’s Soundtrack: Denyque ft. Konshens – Make Me Believe You Remix

Hey Guys,

So I follow Denyque and might have a little fandom going on for her and her music. Loved the original Make me Believe you but i’m definitely loving this remix w/ Sexy sexy … Did I mention Sexy dancehall artiste Konshens. Check it out below and let me know what you think:

Faith & Love,
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Author: Mamachel

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  1. Yes indeed … a very good remix to an ALREADY good song, as you mentioned …
    Kinda weird how she finally put out the video ; and zooop 2 weeks later Stephen McGregor released this remix !!
    Was there any co-ordination between Denyque & BigShip about the timing ?
    Glad to know / hear that Denyque AND Konshens will be frequent visitors to Big Ship to voice more songs … it can only result is some big hits to come .

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