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Creating Your Self Care Routine

Burning sage, yoga, and face masks! Self care was definitely the buzzword for most of 2018. We heard quite a bit of self care this and self care that but what many failed to realize was the self care could take on many forms. Generally speaking, self care can be defined as things done or bought for oneself that leaves a feeling of satisfaction. So if you’re thinking, that can mean anything (like the most expensive weed, for example), then you’re almost correct. It’s the promotion of things that put you back in alignment.

Now if you’re like me, self care can seem like a luxury of money & time that I simply do not have. When I first started looking into developing my routine, everything I considered self care was expensive and time consuming and as an entrepreneur time & expensive go hand in hand. So, I had to reevaluate what I was writing down. Were these the things magazines TOLD ME where self care or did I genuinely enjoy these things? It was in this reevaluation I realized that my self care comes from the simple things. If you following me on Instagram then you know about my #MaskMondays lol if not, get into it!

I encourage you when setting a self care routine, start with the simple things first and then possibly start to look for things like she sheds for sale for your own self care den. These are usually easily attained and not that costly. Here are some simple ways to start your self care routine in 2019:

  • Set Your Intention: Chances are you’re already feeling like something is needed in your life. Before you start you need to be honest about what it might be, this will in turn help you determine your goal for self care. Is it to lower stress, is it to be more healthy, do you want to heal so you can find a partner?All these will guide the next steps to determining your routine
  • Start off small: A weekly plan of self care? That sound great but the fact is as busy people we wont always have the time. For example, I keep my major self care to one day of the week (Sunday or Monday) and then do little things throughout the week.
  • Focus On Your 3 Elements: Mind, Body, Spirit – Activities that promote health for these 3 will surely help to keep you aligned. Whether it’s, journaling, exercising or reading a book.
  • Learn the art of NO: I’ll admit, I struggle with this one DAILY. We are brought up in a society that automatically looks at saying No as selfish. Learn to say no anyway. You are of no use to yourself or others if stretched too thin.
  • Men can do self care as well: A lot of men might feel alienated when they see self care posts because it mostly caters to women but the market is growing for male self care and more products are there for you. Take a look in your nearest store and don’t be too shy to ask the clerk. As a man, you may even want to learn more about how you can help your partner with her self care rituals, and vise versa.

I hope those tips help you on your journey to begin a self care routine this year. My self care is not necessarily a routine but I do make sure :

  • Exercise daily. Yoga on the weekends
  • Drink copious amounts of water everyday. I hate to be one of those annoying ‘water is life’ women BUT please believe me ‘Water is life’. It has so many benefits once you get past the peeing every 10 seconds bit
  • Music: This is such a big part of my life. And your mental health can be helped by music so make a playlist of your favourite songs and enjoy losing yourself in them.
  • Face Masks: Not only are these great for my skin, I also get to pamper myself and the whole process is pretty relaxing. Sometimes I put on music for the 20 minutes of the mask and make sure my diffuser has in some lavender. Listen loves, I’m a full blown spa on Sundays/Mondays!
  • Laughter: Whether it’s an old episode of Bewitched or talking to one of my friends. I find this is the best self care product I can recommend

What are some things you do for self care?

Faith & Love,


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