Life Happened to You

Howdy Ya’ll,

I have been in the process of moving… boy that can be so stressful but while cleaning up I found something that I wrote in 2001. I read it and got goose bumps, it was a much needed reminder of how long and how much I’ve had a love affair with writing. And where my talents really lay. I hope you enjoy.

I see niggers with the determination to destroy a nation
Then backtrack from their own creations and then blame the frustration and isolation they faced against good.
How come some know to be and other should?

Some get twenty to life. Now your misunderstood?
Let me give you comprehension… Ease the motherfucking tension you knew consequences and set your path from your first detention.
Why’d you reach the penitentiary and then implore me to empathize, sympathize to your lies?
Continue the game, we are not the same and yes, its a shame that your dreams did not come through.
But you fucked up then life happened to you.

Seeking medication with each woman you find, hoping the nana will ease your mind, pause the present and press rewind
To when times were better, the days before eviction letters, and welfare cheques, your baby modda audibly fret if you coming home tonight
Big mama praying you’d see the light

Back up before the night that deal didn’t go through …When you fuck up then life happened to you

Misconstrue the meaning of my words. No one wants to be a caged bird. But before you fly you must grow up. Its impossible to survive not giving a fuck. Or you’ll be stuck reminiscing on the real you who fucked up but still made dreams come through

Author: Mamachel

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