Introducing 5 Tweets or Less


So if you follow Froflake on twitter then you are familiar with her daily Wrap up in 5 Tweets or Less. I love them and decided to ask her to put them on my blog when she does them. To me this is everything coming full circle. Froflake and I went to High school together and always spoke about working together ( I think it was a radio show). So this is simply kismet to me. We went our separate ways after high school but thanks to the God’s of social media we linked again. Although this is no radio show (yet) I welcome the opportunity to work with Froflake someone who is quirky, fun and a lil mad Just the way I like my friends.

I hope everyone enjoys it.

Oh yeah this is the culprit below:)

Faith & Love,


Author: Mamachel

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    • I’m glad you girls like it. 😀 can’t wait myself lol very excited but cool it people .. DOnt want to get Risa nervous… *no pressure* lol

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  1. Great idea!! “Froflake” is the best! Glad she’s getting recognition for her never-ending stream of laugh-out-loud amusing tweets 🙂 For anyone out there who hasn’t found this treasure yet, just go. Go. NOW. FOLLOW HER!

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