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Hi Guys!

You might have noticed on Social Media that I have been selling some T-shirts and Tanks with Do What You Love on them. Do What You Love is a mantra of mine, it sounds simple but many find it hard to do. For me it’s doing a job I like, speaking to the people who make me laugh, supporting family amongst a host of other things. Long and short Do What You Love is me doing anything that makes my heart smile. These T-shirts are just a kind of reminder and enforcement, they are my happiness forcefield. Even if you don’t get a shirt I encourage you to find time in your day to do ONE thing that you love. I don’t care if it’s eating that ice cream or watching re-runs of Martin just do something that genuinely makes you smile.

If you want to grab a shirt you can do so here : DO WHAT YOU LOVE




Faith & Love,

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  1. This statement speaks volumes about how to keep life simple, happiness is not complicated.

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    • Yes it really is simple. 🙂 Glad you like that statement

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  2. Simple yet profound… I spent a good a good few seconds thinking about the tangible / intangible things that I love to do that are feasible on a daily basis. ” daily bread “

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