Dearest CLARO

This letter is brought to you by lack of consumer accountability. Im fed up!!!!

Dearest Claro,

I’ve been holding off on writing this letter for a hot minute now. I have had to hold myself back, no matter how hard I tried my page would always end up strewn with profanity all aimed at you. So here I am 7:35 a.m. at the height of my frustration ( a regular thing with you guys) on attempt # billionteen. I got your Netbook in December of 2009 and in all honesty the service was excellent. You had me at connect. I was a Brand Advocate, I cannot tell you how many people would hear me rant and rave about how and I quote myself “Digicel was being mean Claro picked up EVERYWHERE and I had NO PROBLEM with your service”. My, Oh MY how those words have come back to haunt me!?!
Let us Fast Forward to April 2010 when the problem really started. My data plan all of a sudden would evaporate within the blink of an eye. I say this because, 1] I could hardly get connected YET STILL I was going over my Data plan leaving me with EDGE service <— Not much different from the so-called 3 gee where did my internet go?
2] I was not getting connected. What was I paying for? I'm a loyal girl and Claro had been very good to me for the couple of months so I called customer care I listened I learned about when my new data plan would start and when it would end and I was like okay let me give this a chance.
Fast Fast Fast Forward to this month. ANY DAY in this month of August 2010 that I have been able to connect to the internet has been a MIRACLE!! Not just a regular miracle, I'm not talking about finding money in your pocket when you're broke miracle, I'm talking "How did that bottle of WATA just become Yellow Tail?!!" Miracle. Yes people it is THAT serious. After several rants and raves on twitter and calls to customer service and letters to friends who work at Claro and possibly losing a friend that works at Claro ( I'm really sorry girl). I finally got a call from a Customer care agent who took six whole days to confer with her technicians then call me and tell me to …. wait for it…. Bring in my comp-ut-a-DORA <The adventure had been initiated.
As I walked into the Head Office at Knutsford Boulevard in a very indifferent mood I asked for the contact I had been given (James Bond style). They took my comp-ut-a-DORA upstairs to diagnose the problem. People what takes place from here on is both beyond me and sad. I cannot make this shit up, nor would I want to write this dramedy.
Tech: Did you install any anti-virus?
Me: No I haven't un installed anything. The programs are just as Claro gave me
Tech: Well that's the problem…. *insert harp music*
Me: *Leans forward* Pray tell
Tech: Well we searched your computer for viruses (they installed AVASTAR SPYWARE) and there is a virus blocking your connection to the internet so you'll either be completely blocked or bumped off
Me: OOHHH.. So how does that work? Because I can use a LIME modem and get on the internet and I can go to Chilitos and use their wifi and be on the internet all day. How is this "virus" only targeting my wireless manager?
Tech: Well, the wireless manager is a VERY delicate piece of software and so you have to just be very careful. It's actually a problem that we have been looking into.
Me: So if I remove this "virus" I can get on the internet
Tech: Well sometimes a virus can permanently alter a softwares.. blah blah blah…
Me: Well do you have any suggestions as to who I can go to remove this virus, as this is something you have been looking into?
Tech: No
Me: *shifts weight to left hip, cocks head to side* Blank Stare
* No I didn't make this up! Yes I have the voice notes ….

The Adventure continues….
I do what I should have done in the first place. I take the computer to my friend, Computer guru @josip2306 who cleans my computer of all virus' and gets me connected to the internet. However, we have yet to find this mysterious virus blocking access to the internet. It turns out there was a setting in my network connections that had been de-activated. After days of no connectivity, I am ecstatic. I go home and I post a blog, I eat dinner I take my medication and prepare for a night of catching up. Silly girl. Here it is again "timeout" my modem cannot connect.
Claro, I will not be paying that $63,000 to “buy out” my contract. If it was a fault of mine. I would more than fair but you sold me a product KNOWING your service sucked. And that blanket clause in the consumer contract is NOT CUTE or FAIR, you know the one im talking # 13 on the back. But such is life.
I have called Consumer Affairs and what do you know, they have other complaints about this service. (BIG SHOCK).
In your quest to beat Digicel and to make them fret you have completely missed the bar as to what endears them to us so let me remind you. When Digicel came out it wasnt that EVERYONE could have a phone it was that EVERYONE could have an affordable phone that WORKED. They treated everyone like a STAR customer, from the farmer to the CEO everyone felt important because we truly felt like we mattered we gave them our loyalty.It is a formula that they have stuck to. Even in their new promotion, they have a map highlighting where has 4-G coverage so you are not duped. In those few sentences, can you see how you have missed the bus? It is NOT about little children singing off-key , or young men dancing in water or surf boarding its ALL about your end product. *Whispers 4-G*
When I googled Claro I saw this data plan ad you did and when I saved it for this blog it cracked me up that the blog Silicon Caribe coded it as Claro-false-advertising.

The word is out there, people know your service is shit.. Good luck, because in Jamaica word of mouth starts and ends many a business.

I have a feeling that just like Miphone we’ll soon be saying Hasta La Vista once more.

Faith and Love,

Author: Mamachel

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  1. So funny we have similar tales. I was a huge Claro fan. Before I left my last workplace 2 out of 3 of the employees there switched to the fastest 3Geee network. I was a Claro Ambassador – everywhere I went I was their talking billboard. It was fun while it lasted.

    Low and behold one day, my BB stopped working. Nothing was wrong with the chip but another problem with the phone itself – can’t even remember exactly. I called and I called, took in the phone got a cheap one to continue use when I realize they were not fixing the phone -all this time I am paying the bill cuz I still had post-paid service. It got to a point where I was upset-fed up and I took in their cheap loaner phone -which couldn’t text and was so rancid; I took in the phone with a damning letter and say here tek yu tings and don’t call me back.

    I walked out that day, I haven’t heard from Claro to this day. They are only interested in signing up people and is never interested in fixing the problems.

    The same way they treat their Twitter page is the same way they treat their customers. They impress you but leaves you hanging in the dark.

    I love 3G but I can do without Claro right now.

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  2. Yup……the worst of the three useless telecoms agents in Jamaica. Claro makes everything possible……EXCEPT USING THEIR DAMN PHONES. I have an iPhone with them, and I love the actual phone, but I hate the service TREMENDOUSLY. As soon as my contract is up, they will see my back. My problem now is I don’t know who to go to.

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    • Thanks for the comment. You are in a sticky situation as I think only they have the rights to operate iPhone

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      • I know. And it will mean giving up the iPhone, but so be it. But I hate the other two as well, not as passionately, but hate just the same.

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    • Claro has the exclusive rights to sell the iPhone with a plan, not to “operate” the iPhone.

      You easily unlock your iPhone and use it on Digicel or Lime. The problem is whether or not you get an unlimited data plan and the slower speeds. Lime’s 3G is only in Kingston/Spanish Town, just coming to MoBay. Digicel has not 3G and their 4G won’t work with the iPhone (or any phone they are selling right now).

      Lime’s customer service leaves even more to be desired as well so Digicel is pretty much the option I see for you.

      Not sure what problems you are having, I have zero complaints about my service with them and my iPhone 3G. I even take out the SIM sometimes and use it in a 3G modem and my laptop with no problems (it is not my primary phone).

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    • Andrew, you can use your IPhone on any network. I use mine with Digicel. So, you may not get the visual voicemail, but you still get the general capabilities of the phone… Without the sucky Claro service!

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  3. Sorry to hear about your experience.

    I am not surprised at all. I personally have not had any bad experiences with Claro and my iPhone works fine, my modem has never had any issues as long as the bill was paid and when I was testing my iPad with a trimmed SIM it was fine.

    I have seen what happened to a friend though when it came to his bill and the customer service afterward.

    Corve is quite right that the customer service is the single biggest problem. Funny enough, I had a major customer service problem with Digicel as well and that ended up requiring a Senior Manager calling me after a lengthy note on Facebook.

    Claro and Lime by far have worse customer service than Digicel and no amount of cool advertising will make a difference.

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    • Thanks for your comment. The customer service is def ill equipped to handle disgruntled customers and trust me we’re out there. When i first started with them I was soo happy. But its like “When its good its really good but when its bad its HORRID.” Deep sigh

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  4. LMAO!You are a very good writer,i could visualize all that you were saying.You would make a very good script writer especially for TV,You got mad talent,hope you are and continue to use it to the best of your ability

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    • thank you very much. I’m open to anything .. right now writing keeps me semi-sane

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  5. Chel… very well written (as usual). I hope that someone in senior management at Claro sees this blog because maybe it is the last kick in the butt that they need to improve their customer service.

    If not, then as you rightly said, let the word of mouth ending begin.

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  6. They are delivering the cool and the pretty backed by millions of the billionaire’s owner’s dosh, but they are yet to connect with the mindset of the Jamaican market and they are simply a slick cover to the same ole MiPhone service. Next!!

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  7. Sorry to hear about your ills with Claro… but the story had me cracking up!

    The stories I’ve heard about Claro, particularly how they deal with business partners has me extremely skeptical regarding their long-term viability.

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  8. Wow. Just wow. Its one thing to offer a sucky service, its an entirely different thing to blatantly lie to your customers. I found the “sometimes a virus can permanently alter a softwares” line both hilarious and sad. I’m sorry to hear about your troubles but you live and you learn. At least now you have a viable alternative in Digicel’s 4G WiMAX offerings.

    As a rule of thumb, the quality of customer service provided by a company is an indicator of how good the product/service they sell is. I was never impressed by Claro’s customer service so I avoided them like the plague. Claro is a subsidiary of America Movil which is the 5th largest mobile network operator in the WORLD. That little fact makes Claro’s #fail seem even more #epic.

    Excellent article, persons should be made aware of this travesty.

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  9. Good afternoon,

    My name is Theresa Duff and I’m currently the Corporate Support Officer at Claro. We do apologies at the unpleasantness that you have had to undergo since your activation, however, my aim is to resolve your issues/ queries to the best of my ability.

    If you wish to be contacted, please forward an email with your information to my email address stated below. This will enable us to schedule a time to meet or to have further discussions at your convenience to resolve the difficulties that you have had to endure.

    Our aim is not just to sign customers but to have a long standing relationship with them. If we have wronged you in any way give us the opportunity to improve our relationship with you.

    Email address: and

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  10. I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of info that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this beneficial content.

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  11. Hahaha…I hope we’ve learnt not to big up any telecom company at all. Just use them and cuss whenever they mess up . Also make frenz with a technician from one of each company 😉

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  12. I have to say, I am not surprised either! Claro needs to save some of that money they’re spending on billboards & jingles and paying Denise & upgrade their infrastructure! Madness….

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  13. damn…this makes me so happy that I waited for the 4G…..dem cya keep dem 3g!

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