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Throwback Friday: Lost Boyz & Mobb Deep

Heere it is guys…. Oh yeah, clearly I have a problem making decisions. So once again its two videos


Feelin Hot!Hot!Hot! Diary: Day 4

Hey guys,

My worthless internet provider LIME (Luu In Mostly Everything) isn’t working so I’ll have to type from my phone. Soo without further hesitation let me just tell you guys.

I WOKE UP LATE nothing got done. Yup that’s right no makeup, no contacts, no curled hair the only thing that got in the mix was the thong (I am determined). Bare with mi peeps, I didn’t have my car and was begging a ride.
I actually lotioned my legs and moisterized my face in the car. Shheeeiitt I even forgot my emergency bingo! And as further proof that I failed I got zero compliments today as a matter of fact I got a mean side eye (sigh) All in all I let my little experiment go today so tomorrow for the last day I plan to go all out.

 Feelin Hot!Hot!Hot! Diary: Day 4

 Feelin Hot!Hot!Hot! Diary: Day 4

Day 4: Failed *hangs head in shame*

Faith and Love,


P.s. Pic to come later :s

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Feelin Hot! Hot! Hot! Diary: Day 3


Let me just jump right in. I’m having a bittersweet moment with this experiment. While I have come to realize that I am more comfortable in my own skin than I thought I am also suffering from lack of sleep that being said let’s move along tot he day…Straight up this is not for me. …

7:00 a.m. : I finally roll over and gasp (anybody else notice how I’m waking up later and later?) Well this beauty ting is seriously taking its toll. I gotta wake up earlier than normal to get shit done meng.

7:30 a.m. : It finally hits me that its really really late and while I love this blog and want to give my readers a good experience some of the beauty regime have to be sacrificed for the J-O-B. So I take out my trusty black pencil skirt and black top and throw in some black heels and a scarf (feeble attempt at jazzing up) and shot it through the door. Oh yeah, I forgo makeup (hangs head in shame) 

 Feelin Hot! Hot! Hot! Diary: Day 3

8:45 a.m. : I reach work and head straight to the kitchen to make some tea (rough morning). I’m greeted by my co worker who takes one look at me and asks “Who died?” I’m like what? He repeats with way more seriousness “Oh God Chel did someone die? Im so sorry didnt mean to make a joke. You’re going to a funeral dont it?”
I simply smile and say “Nope, no funeral” I’m greeted with confused :s stares

9:00 a.m. : I trudge back to my desk not feeling so cute at all. So far I’ve been confused for a emo coworker who might be heading to a funeral.

 The day passes with little or no activity. No thong violation in sight, in fact I haven’t looked at the emergency Bingo in my bag all morning. I’m starting to believe that said thong from day 1 whose name shall not be repeated might have been sent by satan himself.

1:20 p.m. : I look up to see a jancrow from the past standing in my office. Sigh of course, the one day I don’t wear make up or put much curl in my hair, would be the ONE DAY that as ass from the past would surface. Nevertheless, I go about my business but now I get an understanding of how these females think. I get that little voice whispering in my ear “You never know who you might see”.  Oh well lesson learnt but I’m still not sure I could do this outside of the experiment.

Day 3: 75% completed with 1 lesson learnt

Faith and Love,



Feelin Hot! Hot! Hot! Diary: Day 2

Howdy Folks,

So this is day two of my experiment in which for one week I will try to maintain the hotness. Here we go

6:00 a.m. : Psssh! Roll over hit snooze button

6:30 a.m. : I get a blackberry message “Alm wake up you need to get pretty” . 0_o Awww frig I’m late!! so I jump out of bed and stretch. At least I know what I’m wearing however, I fell asleep before ironing so off to ironing I go (groan can someone do this for me?!).

 Feelin Hot! Hot! Hot! Diary: Day 2

7:20 a.m. : and I plug in my curling iron then rush into the shower ( I do a mental check to ensure I turned on the heater).
7:45 I start hyperventilating as I try to tweet AND lotion AND BBM AND curl my hair. But then I read my tweets and I must say shout outs for all the encouragement a bitch was this >< close to grabbing a pair of jeans and some gel.

 8:00 I press the nos (is suh it spell?)  and get ready in crazy seconds everything is on rapid inclusive of makeup and hair. I’m happy with the results and I can leave on time to get to work. White and Grey pinstripe pants, White blouse and navy blue loafers.

 Feelin Hot! Hot! Hot! Diary: Day 2

As the day progresses I realize I now have the hang of this although I am still annoyed at the makeup on my cell phone but I brought a tissue to wipe it off and i did get another compliment at work “oww!”

By 3:13 i’m faded and need to touch up my make up but frankly I have no time I got owrk out the waazoo and i havent eaten lunch as yet. Im pretty certain I look stressed and hungry but when i finally get to look in the mirror I’m surprised I look normal.
By 5:15 no amount of MAC cosmetics technology can save me I’m ready to leave and so I do.

I must say however that on more than one occassion I almost juck out my eye  when trying to put in my contacts. AND although the thong violation wasn’t as bad as yesterday I was still acutely aware that i was not alone all day (LOL). It is tiring to constantly be aware of ones appearance though. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Day 2: Completed.

 Feelin Hot! Hot! Hot! Diary: Day 2

Love and Faith
Mamachel icon smile Feelin Hot! Hot! Hot! Diary: Day 2


Feelin Hot! Hot! Hot! Diary: Day 1

 Feelin Hot! Hot! Hot! Diary: Day 1

Salutations People! Im one of those females who will always give respect and compliments when they are deserved. That being said let me get into my topic. I’m always seeing these women around the ones that are always put together Hair curled up, make up well done, no pantie lines and clothes ironed. You know these women man the ones who leave the chair smeilling like perfume when they get up… Anyways, Ive always admired them as a woman I know it takes a good amount of work to be so well put together all day. Anyhoo, I have decided to find out exactly how much work goes into looking like this daily. Now I’m no plain jane but trust me when it comes to work clothes I dont excactly go all out so follow me as I try to be hot ALL WEEK

DAY ONE (cue Law & Order dum dum)

6:00 a.m : Woke up on time looked chose a black flair skirt and turqouise top, nothing fancy I know but let’s play it safe for the first day. I do the requisites i.e. bathe, brush teeth and then I eye the thong skeptically for those of you who dont know I despise those things. Anyways, I decide to bite the bullet.
I put on make up and feel my skin as wth do the hair, shove the contacts in and head on out surprisingly on time.

8:30 : Reach work, we’re locked outside and I start worrying that my makeup might not look so hot in a couple of minutes. We get inside just in the nick of time and I notive a couple of my co workers staring at me funny.

9:15: Male co worker comments on my look saying “hey I guess I could get used to this” We head into production meeting where my “new face” becomes a 5 minute topic. I try not to squirm

As the day progresses I find that Im not as uncomfortable as I anticipated nevertheless I am annoyed with the makeup that comes off on my phone everytime I answer it. As I start to relax and get all diva drama strikes.

2:30 or 3:00 p.m.: The thong starts violating me I send BBM to sistren “I can’t do this this friggin thong is violating me.. mi mad fi tek it off and go commando” the response “Do it! and add that in your blog” well folks I didn’t. I squirm, I shift I slide but I did not take it off. But let me say it’s a sad affair when you looking on a clock so you can go home and take off a panty.

I work late and leave the office at 6:00 p.m. by this time my hair is messy, my make up is stale (forgot the kit for touch ups) and I’ve already filled you in onthe panty situation. As i drive home I seriously wonder if I can continue this project….

Day one: complete

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