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    Protect Your Data! Encrypt It!

    A common misconception that many people have about securing data and privacy of data communications is “as long as the connection between the sender and recipient of information is secure then the data itself is also secure”. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. This was borne out in my last two articles in which I alluded to the fact that on today’s modern networks, public or private, all data can be hijacked and inspected en route without the sender’s or recipient’s knowledge. Shockingly, I heard State Minister of Technology Julian Robinson at a recent event he was addressing say quite nonchalantly that all data & communications are already…

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    Blockchain Bitcoin and Crypto Currency – Of Coins and Chains

    Over the past couple of weeks local dialog about the phenomenon that is bitcoin and by extension crypto currency and blockchain has seemingly escalated. As is normally the case with new technologies, especially those that are touted to fundamentally change the very fabric of how we do things, there is a lot of information and more-so misinformation floating around.

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