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    Buju Banton’s Long Walk to Freedom Highlights

    March 16th 2019 about 40,000 people made their way to the Jamaica National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica to welcome home their beloved brother Buju Banton. Banton had been incarcerated for 10 years in America and today he would return to the stage to serenade and thrill this anxious audience. People travelled from far and wide, Air BnB’s and hotels were booked out, restaurants were full and Buju, rasta merchandise could not stay on shelves or in the hands of vendors. His fans were out in full force and as stated in our last post, you absolutely got the feeling something historic was about to happen. He did not disappoint, Buju…

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    Flavour In Your Ear – Week 5

    2019 Soca Sampler 2: Power Edition Here we go with part 2 of our soca playlist. It’s Friday and your mission should you choose to accept it is entering the weekend with verve, and this is a power soca focused playlist so you should know what to . I’m your bosses will understand…..but just in case: We take no responsibility or liability, so far as legally possible, for any damages including, but not limited to: indirect or consequential damages; damages for loss of opportunity or chance; any damages arising from use or loss of use…. Have any suggestions for our next playlist? Feel free to contact @dremaican on twitter

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    Flavour In Your Ear – Week 4

    UK Urban Music Ting Bruv The colonizers have been reversed colonized culturally and it’s a beautiful thing. Pree di ting below bruvs and bruvettes! We’re tapping into the UK music scene to take us out of this week! Have any suggestions for our next playlist? Feel free to contact @dremaican on twitter

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    Flavour In Your Ear – Week 3

    2019 Soca Sampler 1 We all know what the new year brings musically in the Caribbean. It’s Soca season! All the veteran soca psychos will have to just deal since this is by no means a complete, must listen selection of soca songs. These are just a few tracks I’ve heard so far that I kinda dig, akin to a sample platter, to get your appetite whet. Much like the previous playlist beware of where you choose to listen to this. As usual we will not be responsible for your actions and accept no liability in any repercussions faced henceforth. Enjoy! Have any suggestions for our next playlist? Feel free…

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    Flavour In Your Ear – Week 2

    Motherland Muzik The Afrobeats genre has grown into a worldwide force and growing still. It’s seductive sound at times is hard to ignore and seems to force somewhat involuntary movement from the listener. The genre has enough musical dexterity to be used as background music for whatever you’re up to at the moment or even to open a session. In this instance we want you to get some party vibes started in your office chair…don’t pay any attention to the scowling you might probably receive from around the office. Who says you can’t still crush your goals and dance “inappropriately” at the same time? Well maybe your boss but who…

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    Flavour In Your Ear

    Good music can bring Good vibes! We know the year might not have started off all fine and dandy for everyone. So we had our in house music curator put together a playlist that’s sure to motivate you, bring you good vibes and keep you moving towards your goals this week. What are some of your favorite songs at the moment? One of my best friends is a musician and she is currently in the process of recording her first album. She has shared a few teasers on her SoundCloud account and has already managed to reach quite a wide audience. Apparently nowadays there are a number of ways that…