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    Creating Your Self Care Routine

    Burning sage, yoga, and face masks! Self care was definitely the buzzword for most of 2018. We heard quite a bit of self care this and self care that but what many failed to realize was the self care could take on many forms. Generally speaking, self care can be defined as things done or bought for oneself that leaves a feeling of satisfaction. So if you’re thinking, that can mean anything, then you’re almost correct. It’s the promotion of things that put you back in alignment. Now if you’re like me, self care can seem like a luxury of money & time that I simply do not have. When…

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    Natural Flu Remdy

    Tell that cold or flu to chuck awfff! Before all these crazy pharmaceuticals, there was some good ol’ bush or root to make into a tea to drink. Your granny would use these old remedies which would lessen the severity of what ails you or make it all better. Just like that!  While I believe pharmaceuticals have their place, herbs come first and foremost when dealing with any sickness in my household and with ‘cold and flu season’ on us, there are so many natural remedies we can use to support our immune system and get these viruses to chuck right awfff! 1. My most favorite, tried and true, is…

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    DIY : Mosquito Repellent

    Chikungunya or Zika Virus have been two mosquito borne diseases that has everyone wary. Some are ok with using over the counter repellents like OFF! Deep Woods which has Deet. However quite a few persons are wary of that chemical or are simply allergic, asthmatic and so forth.

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