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    The Quick Jamaican IPO Explainer

    So often we hear financial terms and get intimidated and instead of asking we stick to what we know. This can be good in finance but it also can’t hurt to shake things up. IPOs have become an increasingly popular way to invest and improve finances. In this article our resident Finance guy Randy Rowe. Shares ones of his articles breaking down exactly what an IPO is and how to get involved. Let’s begin What’s An IPO? An IPO means Initial Public Offering. It’s when a company is offering itself to be listed on the stock exchange for the first time ever. How Much Money Should I Put into Fosrich/Wisynco/Whichever…

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    How to Get Your NHT Refund

    Its that time again and so our Financial Contributor Randy Rowe shared his very timely post on how to collect your refund. National Housing Trust (NHT) refunds for the year 2010 are now available for application. What the hell does this mean? It means if you were paying NHT fees as a part of your paycheque (or contributing on your own) in the year 2010 or earlier, you can now apply to the NHT for a refund of these fees. That’s right, extra money, what a way to start the new year! So, How Do I Apply? Refund applications are best done via this link. Fill out the information there…


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