Burning Bridges


Hey Guys,

It’s been awhile, sorry to leave you for so long but I wasn’t sure I would be back, i’ll address that in another post. The last couple of weeks have brought a change in perspective and brought on some newfound reflection. I see so many things in a different light. One such thing is my relationship with my exes.

If you have grown up hearing one thing ” If someone is not good friends with their exes or speaks ill of them then that says a lot about you as a person” <- SCUSE ME? If you've read my blogs then you know that I've had my fair share of "experiences" with the opposite sex and i'll be damned if I wanted or feel compelled to remain friends with all of them. What is it about human beings that forces us to remain trapped in a glass case of emotion? I've observed and witnessed so many of my friends groan inwardly as their exes approach them at a function or message them on social media. The fact is they don't want that reminder of the awkward conversations and drunken pleas at 2 o'clock in the morning. Who wants to remember stuff that went bad? Why are we forcing ourselves to relive or prolong interaction with some persons who are the very definition of the word asshole. By now you might be able to tell I am a firm believer in the act of "cutting off". Big Sean's song IDFWU is not pleasing to my ear BUT I understand him and for that reason I have applied it to SEVERAL person's ringtones. I personally don't think its a all encompassing sign of maturity to tolerate an ex I think it's CRAZY. If you do not like that person, care not what society says you are free to never talk to them again. Ironically, I am good friends with most of my exes we can laugh and talk about stuff that went down but trust me when I say there are quite a few who I have a deep dislike for and had no qualms expressing that. Im not saying to wage a full on war with every single ex (that in itself is not healthy) but you see that ass who slept with your best friend while you had the flu? Feel free to pretend he is invisible everytime he walks over and if he calls cue up that Big Sean song and blast it in the phone. Some may call me a petty betty but why make yourself sick to make someone who doesn't care about you comfortable? Please understand that I am not writing in absolutes, there will always be exceptions. All I'm saying is when it's time to burn that bridge PASS THE MATCHES PAN DI LEF HAN SIDE! Faith & Love, Mamachel Follow me on twitter: @mamachell Tumblr: hillsidematahari.tumblr.com Youtube: Adventures of Mamachel
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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. Some bridges were meant to be demolished

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