Bruce Jenner – What Are We Really Upset About?

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So Bruce Jenner recently debuted her new form as a woman. I was in a meeting but my phone started going berserk, whatsapp messages where coming in one after the other and when I snuck to look at notifications all I could see where images. Surely, the tea that was being spilled in my phone was of excellent quality, I couldn’t wait. So fast forward to the end of the meeting I take a look at my phone and there is Caitlyn Jenner in all her glory on the cover of Vanity Fair. I was STUNNED at first I didn’t even notice the breasts until a friend pointed them out I was transfixed on her face. I could still see her as a man BUT I could see that alot of work went into making Caitlyn presentable as a woman. I went on several social media sites and I noticed that the majority of the feedback was positive. You couldn’t scroll three pictures down on instagram and not see an image or meme of Caitlyn Jenner.Even President Obama lauded her bravery for living the life she always wanted, I remember thinking ” good for you Caitlyn good for you”.
However, as the days go by the general tone has started to shift. Many who might have been shocked at the reveal initially  have woken from their stupor and started voicing their displeasure.  Most of the spiel are along these lines: This is unnatural, His mama named him Bruce Imma call him Bruce, Caitlyn is a science project the comments go on and on.

I’ll be the first to admit my mind is blown. When it comes to transgender issues on a whole I can’t seem to fully grasp the concept but I am trying. It goes against everything that I have ever learned, it’s a bizarre thought process for me but I’m trying.Perhaps it is because I am struggling that I am somewhat sympathetic to those who are completely unable or unwilling to accept Caitlyn Jenner. They simply cannot process it. Think on it this is a real issue many deal with it everyday but it is not a widely known issue. But now we must process a sixty five year old man who raised ten children and now wants to be a woman, he might or might not remove his penis because he’s still attracted to females. The call for there to be complete acceptance with no questions or resistance is disingenuous to say the least.
Nevertheless,  I like to keep an open mind and as I sit and listen to people on the street and even on the verandahs talk it opens up a world of comparisons and highlights the hypocritical behaviour of society. How is it that we(I include myself) are okay with bleaching (im not really ok with this to tell the truth), butt implants (nor this)  and general plastic surgery on a whole but cannot grasp transgenders? God made him a man! Yes but he also made certain people with an “A” cup , flat ass, dark complexion, big nose, etc etc but we are free to alter them as we deem fit to feel better about ourselves. Are Caitlyn actions any different?Also, the majority of those throwing around biblical quotations haven’t seen the inside of a church since christening. It is for this very reason that I ask WHAT are we really upset about? Because logically and based on the general acceptance of body morphing aka plastic surgery it cannot be that we are livid he dared to change something about himself that he didn’t like. It is simply that we cannot understand why he/she did it.

I think if we begin to be honest with ourselves as to the root of the intolerance then we can possibly reach acceptance. I admit that I haven’t yet accepted it because I can’t understand it, kinda like math. I am also not against it because I realize I have accepted other things of a similar nature. For now you can just say I’m straddling the fence quite like Bruce I mean Caitlyn.

Sound off in the comments and let me hear your thoughts.

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  1. For me, it matter not whether we understand or agree with Burce’s decision to live the rest of his life as Caitlyn, as I think all she wants is for us to to treat Caitlyn with the same modicum of respect and dignity to which we are all entitled as human beings. As far as I am concerned, respect and dignity are inalienable human rights.

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