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So today I sat at work and watched what only can be described as a bizarre unraveling of information happen right before my very eyes on twitter. Oftentimes I see things happen in government and I let it slide or we do not have the right/full information from the so called media so I let it slide. However, today was a brand new “what is happening moment”, the public, myself including have genuine questions about a development and would really love some answers. The lack of transparency is unsettling, before today there was never any mention of a Anchor Financial. It all started with these tweets

Although Krauck Systems seems legit and the Jamaica Observer has published this story. I do feel there is a need for further transparency especially in light of the information unearthed by Nationwide News that Krauck has no history of ever handling a project this big AND their offices are of questionable locations also the website quite like Anchor Financial’s has zero information on past / present or ongoing projects. The more I dig the more I have questions. This is why:

Anchor Financial / Capital/ Finance/AnchorCapNYC (depends on which website you buck up on doesn’t really have any information on ANY of the numerous sites. No financials, no past projects, nothing, nada, neit

After they started getting calls and persons started realizing there was no website. A new website magically appeared. The website is a website and is a template (not against the law but quite unsual for a company that is going to finance $5billin USD). There is also the case of these similarities with other sites:

The Current Anchor website that went up in 30 minutes has little to no information

All I want to know is who or what exactly is Anchor Financial LLC? Where is this money going and coming? If twitter the “articulate minority” could find this all out in one rainy afternoon, what is the due diligence being done at government level? Will we ever get answers and why the secrecy? Was proper research done into this financier?
Was the Office of the Contractor General contacted to vet this MOU? For the sake of the people of Jamaica I hope my not so silent fears never come to fruition.

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  1. Conclusions:

    1. Anchor Finance Group, LLC (AFG) is a special purpose vehicle for Islamic sourced financing. This can be well deduced from reference to Sharia, the names of the principals and the fact that at least the CEO, Nasim Siddiqui, was hired by Sterling Factors (part of a New York banking conglomerate) while still, reputedly, being head of Anchor.

    2. AFG had never had any significant Internet presence and their pitiful website seems to have been quickly put up based on templates by a relative of the CEO residing in Silicon Valley.

    Neither of the above is uncommon for Islamic-based financing operations which are not big on disclosure. Assuming that the reference to AFG by Minister Hilton was not in error (the main actor exploring a Logistic Hub development in Jamaica is the project development group Krauck Systems) then the key question is this: On behalf of what funding source is AFG making enquiry? If it is a significant Gulf region fund (the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority has assets approaching a Trillion US dollars) then there is no problem, but we will not have much transparency given the nature of these funders.

    Certainly questions should be asked, but the proposed MOU is to justify a lot of research work using OTHERS PEOPLES MONEY.

    Jamaica does not even have the money to do even the preliminary research needed for creating a “Logistics centered economy.” In my opinion, the more MOUs the better, as long as some of the money is spent here.

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