An Alter/Altered Ego Friday, in #5tweetsorless

Howdy 🙂

without further adieu, Friday, in #5tweetsorless!

walked into Starbucks and walked out with a skinny latte and a new name…Larissa. thanks barista, made my day.

he: I’ll drive.
me: the convertible? isn’t it a little Barbie’s dream car?
he: is it your mission in life to shame me?
me: every chance i get

bade goodbye to amazing art director and all round good guy Noel! we were lucky to have you. go, #beamazing

oooooo, you pissed me off so bad, Larissa the EVIL twin almost took over, but alas, I am a lady & really you’re not worth it.

slight detour on the way home for a movie. left with beer, wine & 3 movies. whoever opened the liquor store beside blockbuster is a#genius

and that’s it. do it a little differently, a well-timed smile is all you need & it’ll be better in the morning. #goodnightmoon

Author: froflake123

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