A Very Merry Weekend in #5tweetsorless


The weekend was so good, so i’ve decided to combine it one post, but fear not, 5 tweets for each day 🙂

Friday, a toasted not tun ovah day in#5tweetsorless

almost got smooshed by a school bus transporting children. I even think one of the kids gave me the finger.

well hello cinnamon sugar instead of regular cinnamon, pleasure to meet you at my Starbucks, glad you could join me and my cappuccino! #win

dear account service, when you try to cover you ass, you just end up looking assy and induce rage in my soul. let’s refrain, shall we?

made it to 5pm & realized I hadn’t eaten all day, then got invited out for drinks. this can only mean one thing…whiskey, and lots of it

had a lovely evening with#hewhomustnotbenamed that included dinner, drinks & thin mints. be still my heart, is it mr right?…or right now?

and that’s it. wine makes it better, whiskey makes it go away, the little things always count & kisses are always encouraged #goodnightmoon

Saturday, who doesn’t love a drunken, sloshy,#5tweetsorless? certainly not I. 🙂

on a scale of 1-10, tonight’s debauchery was a solid 7. would I do it again, oh yes, just with more whiskey next time.

he: so should I look for you before I go home.
me: no.
he: why not?
me: you never called me back, ass.
he: yeah so about that.
me: bored now

me: an undercover feel up is all in the wobble.
he: explain.
me: you walk pass, pretend to stumble & bam, ass in hand.
he: you’re my hero

he: please don’t tell me the happy meal is for you.
me: it’s 3:15 am, which kid is up now?
he: well…
me: just give me the damn nuggets.

and that’s it. beach days are the best days, whiskey nights work themselves out & happy meals are boss.#goodnightmoon

Sunday, a super quick #5tweetsorless cause it is waaaay past my bedtime

made plans to have lunch with my brother’s ex. don’t give me that look! I like her!

had lunch at Moe’s and #Chipotle, i’m sorry I cheated on you, it’ll never happen again. let’s never speak of this after tonight.

what’s a Sunday without a little football & a whole lotta alcohol? coincidentally I’ve discovered my new favorite drink – Jack Daniels punch

and a little outing of#hewhomustnotbenamed curtesy of#5tweetsorless, coincidentally. LOL he hates the name, we need to find him a new one

shit, should have done this first..FINALLY received my snail mail from @warlaur today. you brought tears to my eyes & a smile to my face <3

and that’s it. surprises in the mail make my heart happy, happy puppies make me smile & smiling makes it better, always. #goodnightmoon

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