a Thirsty, Cheery Thursday in #5tweetsorless

got to the office in a ridiculously good mood today. you coulda told me Santa wasn’t real & i woulda laughed at you. what? he is real.

freaked out over the rising cost of the plane ticket to LA so i bit the bullet & did the damn thing – step 1 to #Coachella epicness complete

me: it’s time for Walker Wednesdays!
he: it’s Thursday.
me: no, it’s Wednesday.
he: it’s Thursday.
me: oh. Thirsty Thursdays it is then!

the Mini-Golf Invitational continued with Hole 3/Par 4, a true bastard with a penchant for trickiness. the whisky didn’t help, much #atall

i think i’m going to make District 9 my new home – the beer is tastier, the jokes are funnier & the music is louder. now if only i knew Flash.

and that’s it. be happy, stay happy, saying nothing can mean more than saying something & sometimes all someone needs is you. #goodnightmoon

Author: froflake123

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